Monday, April 25, 2011

A new week...a new hotel

Yup...once again, my job has taken me away from my amazing Mr S, my comfy bed, and the comfort of my own home/office/couch/you get the idea. This travel gig is getting old, my friend! And, do you have any idea how hard it is to plan a wedding when you're gone every other week?! It's HARD!!!

But, nevertheless, I did some planning today (as I actually got into my final destination at a decent hour). I sent inquiries to about 6 potential places - vineyards, wineries, hotels w/rooms for receptions, restaurants, etc. I've heard back from three. One is booked (boo) for the 13th already. The others just sent me the info I requested - a little more detail that wasn't on the pages. The plan for next week is to look into taking Mr S to visit a few, if he's willing (more on that), and talk with people to see if there's anything we can work out with regards to money things. *most of these places are asking for 50% by 6 months out...well that's in two weeks, my friends, and I can GUARANTEE we don't have that kind of green stuff layin' around the dwelling place.* So I want to know if they have a "contingency" plan for couples like us...that start planning 6 months out. So that's what the next few weeks will entail for me.

Now, about Mr S...he's not so gung ho about the planning details. "All I need is a date, a tux, a time, and a place" he says (until I think about putting something in there he's not a fan of...then he steps right in with his "veto power"). Anyway...setting a date was like pulling teeth. Then I traumatized him by following that up with budget talks. Last week I sprung "gift registry" on him...he groaned, literally, like a child being told to clean his room and get ready for bed. I finally got him convinced to go one round of gift registry with me when I get home (BB&B) and I'd do the rest without him. He HATES to, really...absolutely HATES it (unless its the Apple Store, Frys, or Best Buy)!! The last time he bought clothes (other than socks) was two years ago when we were headed to FL/LA for a week. I think he may have bought some jeans since then, but that's how bad it is. The thought of gift registry makes him twitch. I'm just glad we reached a compromise there. :) That's why I'm a little unsure how "venue shopping" will be received, especially with the lack of funds right now. I'll keep ya posted on how that one goes.

Well, it's off to iron and sort things out for tomorrow. Oh, I'm in Minneapolis, in case I didn't mention it at the beginning. hotel is right across the street from the Mall of America!! WOOHOO for me!! Good thing Mr S isn't here...but then I could probably leave him at the Apple Store or the Amusement center and he'd be fine.


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  1. Girl- I so understand the disinterest yet quick veto power! Some of our biggest fights were over the wedding. I wanted him to be involved and like what I wanted rather than have his own opinion :)
    And he wanted to be involved but change my plans :)