Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year in Review, And a Look Ahead

I've been fairly consistent in not posting lately, since about June/July is when I started slacking off. There really hasn't been a good reason, especially since I found myself with some much time after the beginning of July (see This post for why). You'd think that having more time on my hands would allow for more blogging. But I think I just didn't feel like it.

Despite a new job, that I love, I think the last part of the year was a bit of a funk for me. I was holding steady in my weight loss, but not losing any more. I was training for a new job. And then I was in school, too. I don't know that I really felt like writing anything, despite having plenty to write about.

But 2013 was a good year. I am no longer traveling on a bi-weekly basis. I'm not longer traveling at all! I work a half mile from my current home. And Mr S had a couple of great opportunities pop up at his job as well that sweeten his resume up nicely should a promotional opportunity come about.

Looking forward to 2014, I have a lot of plans. I start back to work on the 2nd. I start back to school on the 6th. I'm working on a budget to reduce our debt. We'll be moving...not sure to what yet, house or apartment (our rent is going up and this place isn't worth the increase). It just feels good looking forward.

I'm not giving up on my weight loss goals. I am, however, starting fresh. I'll still be doing weight watchers, and I'll get more focused on what I'm doing. I'm also working out with a co-worker and her roommate twice a week. And I'll start supplementing in between with my own stuff at home or at the complex gym.

Hopefully you'll see me on here more often. I've changed schools, though, so I don't know what my work load will be like with my new classes. But I want to be more active on here. Not so much for you, though I do enjoy the interactions I get from time to time, but for me. I want to document my life, and writing by hand just exhausts me thinking about it. LOL!

Here's to a new year and new beginnings and great things for all of us!

Happy New Year, dolls!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Nail Files, a little late

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

This seems to be the only thing I have time to post lately. There's really not a good reason for it...it's just the way life is right now. I'm looking forward to things calming down...eventually!

On to this week's (and more) polish adventures!

If you follow me on instagram, you may have already seen this:
Essie's Set in Stones over two coats of Essie's Smokin' Hot. It was my mani for most of this week. I think I applied on Tuesday night, just in time for Christmas day. It's not a full hot mess now, but it's chipped it's way to {almost} oblivion now. Which is fine...I'm ready for a change now.

I got some great colors in my stocking this year, too:
Essie's Mochacino (not sure if you can see, but it has a hint of shine in there), Sinful Color's Ice Dream, and Essie's On a Silver Platter.

Ice Dream may appear in the mani I do for New Year's. I love the blue mixed with silver. I just need to find a base!

Well, dolls, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week and you got what you wished for.

Until next year (I just love saying that!)...

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Nail Files - Halloween Mani

Okay....I know it's been about four weeks since Halloween. But I did a really great mani and I'm finally having the time to blog about it! So just bear with me and enjoy the cuteness that was!

Color used:  China Glaze "Riveting" (part of their Hunger Games collection last year) and Maybelline "Onyx Rush".

I didn't know what to do with the thumb of my left hand, so I tried a "plaid" look that just ended up looking like a blank tick-tack-toe board. But I was okay with it.

Here's both:

The black French Tips were an after thought that worked in my favor!  :)

Anyway to those who also link up:

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

I would like to apologize for my lack of postings lately. I've been a little consumed with work and school. But I've implemented schedules in my life this week to help keep me on track for what needs to get done (cleaning, posting on time, school work) in my down time. So here's hoping it's working for the betterment of my life!

Happy Friday, dolls!!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly update - 11/19/2013

As you can see, I’ve been pretty inconsistent here. I’m hoping to change that this week. I’m implementing some scheduling that, I hope, will get me in some semblance of order when I’m not at work. I just feel like so much is going on, but when I stop to list it out, it doesn’t seem like that much after all.

The new job is going well. I’ve officially hit my 90 days. I should have a review coming soon, I think. And, since I’m now past the 90 days, I’ll be changing schools (again). Honestly, if it weren’t for the no cost but books thing, I’d stay where I’m at as I’m really enjoying AMU. However, free is no loans to pay for stuff. And if all I have to pay for is books (either buy or rent), then that is also no loans. And No Loans is always going to trump just about anything when it comes to school costs.

School is going well. I finished my first class with an A. My second will probably be a C+ or a B as I didn’t turn in an assignment and have a 60 on another. And aside from really not liking my professor, it’s been a decent class. There’s been some things I’ve had issues with (like a two page memo…memos are not supposed to be longer than a page…that’s why they’re called memos!), it’s hasn’t been too bad. I have two more weeks left and I’ll be done. Just in time to get my transcripts sent over to CBU to finalize everything for the January 6 start.

My parents are coming for Christmas. That will be fun. It’s been two years since they’ve been here, and while I’ve been there a couple times it’ll be nice to have them here for a change. Dad’s looking forward to all the restaurants; mom’s looking forward to the shopping.

Speaking of two years, Mr. S and I celebrated two years of matrimonial bliss last week! WOOHOO!!

And, with that, I’ve run out of things to update with. Oh well, probably for the better. It’s time to clean the office/spare room and get ready for work.

Cheers, dolls!


Friday, October 18, 2013

The Nail Files - Gel Mani Kit

As always, I'm linking with Jennie and the rest of the Nail Files Crew this week:

I’ve wanted to try my hand at “DIY” gel nails for some time now. The hold back has been the cost. Sensationail starts at $49.95 depending on where you shop. Sally Hansen is around the same for the polish kits or $29.99 for the strips kit. I was leaning towards the SH Strip Kits, but I just didn’t like the selection offered. I knew Sensationail had a better selection of colors, but just couldn’t bring myself to drop $50 after missing the $10 off coupon opportunity from their website. So I was just biding my time waiting for extra money or a really good deal/sale. Then along came Groupon with the save:  A start kit and two additional colors for about $5 less than the starter kit! SHUT UP and take my money!!!

Here’s what I got:

And here’s what I did:

Here’s my review (my own words/opinion/thoughts with no type of incentive from Sensationail or Groupon for my services).
Overall, I am thrilled with the process! It’s extremely simply and the directions are easy to follow. The colors included in my purchase are great for me and ones I see myself getting a lot of use from. My only problem was the lack of warning regarding the stickiness/tackiness of the base coat, polish, and top coat after curing before using the cleaning solution and wipes.
I’ve only ever had a gel manicure that was administered by one of the ladies at my local nail spot. So, obviously, I’m not touching my nails between polish coatings to see if they’re dry. I let the pros do their job and I sit and get pampered. I didn’t know that, just because your nail has “cured” in the LED box/dryer that the polish would not be “dry” (by most people’s standards). Think regular polish that has air dried for about 10 minutes but you can still easily put your finger/hair print in it if you touch them. 

The direction say (paraphrased):  base coat, 30 seconds curing, color, 60 seconds curing, 2nd coat of color, 60 second cure, top coat, cure 30 seconds, wipe with cloth and cleaning solution. My mind interpreted the curing for drying. So imagine my freak out when I lightly touch my nail and my finger sticks a little! Seriously freaked out panic on my part. I was on my first coat of color, still freaking out, when I decided to Google this issue. Thankfully I found a review on Amazon by a lady that brought up this issue and how it gets resolved….the cleansing wipe at the END of the process. Calm ensued and I was able to finish. The end is when I realized I’d skipped the second coat of color, but I’m okay with that. The grey is just thick enough with one coat that you can’t really tell two were needed.

So I’m two full days into the manicure and all is well. No chips or peeling corners that aren’t related to broken nails (cause I’ve done that already, no surprise there). But I haven’t been hard on my hands either – no kitchen duty lately, no boxing on Thursday like usual. I’ll keep you posted on how they do. I also want to test out the base and top coats on regular polish to see if that will add some variety to the color spectrum (and the possibility of doing designs and such). We shall see.

Happy Friday, dolls!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Life Updates...Long Overdue

As you may, or may not, have noticed, I've been a little MIA here lately. There's been a lot going on since I was let go in July. Actually, there's really only been two things going on, but they seem to be pretty time consuming.

First things first - I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!

As someone who has worked more than half her life, not having a job (even for a month and a half) was very emotionally draining on me. Granted, we could survive without my paycheck, but barely. And, again, there's that whole thing about me having a job for the better part of half my life. I started working for my dad when I was 13 making $3-5 an hour helping him with his deliveries as a route salesman in Alabama. When I was 15 I got a "real" job with a local dollar store where I worked through my senior year in high school. When I started community college I was in the work study program on the days I had class, and was working at K-Mart the days I didn't. When I moved out, I got a job in housekeeping at a beach hotel. I've even done a 2-month stint in the fast food industry. My last job I was at for a little over 10 years. All this work history doesn't include all the babysitting I did ages 10-18 for various families in town we live in.  (FYI...never let a 10 year old baby sit your child, unless they have younger brothers and sisters or they're parents are home with them or in close proximity. I had NO IDEA what I was doing!!) I have worked a lot in my life. If I had to put them in order of worst to best (based on what my experiences were) it would be:
1.  Food Service (AKA - Fast food)
2.  Housekeeping (Cleaning my own mess, no biggie; cleaning another's, DISGUSTING)
3.  Babysitting
4.  Retail, especially dollar-type stores
5.  Anything that requires travel (the scenery and perks are great, but the hassle of security and such, as well as being gone from my husband every other week finally took it's toll)
6.  Office work of any kind

I love office work! Which is what my new job is! I am the receptionist for the Temecula Office of California Baptist University Online and Professional Studies. The office I work out of is a half mile from the apartment, so I could walk to work if I wanted (which I have done a few times now - it takes 15 minutes). It's also located at the mall (which could be very detrimental to my wallet and healthy eating). Right now I am one of two full time workers at this location. The other is one of the admissions advisers who handles the area we're located in and down to San Diego for enrollments. We also have three student workers that rotate throughout the week. Because we are located at the mall, we keep mall hours:  1pm - 9pm. My hours are 12 pm to 9 pm. My coworker usually comes in earlier as she meets with students and prospects throughout the day. I close with a student worker.

I love that I have stayed in the Online Education industry as that's what I'm most familiar with (my previous job was with an online university). It's very different because of various things (accreditation, degrees offered, the campus and/or hybrid options, etc), but I am loving learning these new things. And I really enjoy that I'm not traveling anymore. It's nice to be home every week with my husband for a change.

The other new change in my life is I am officially a college student, again!

While I was unemployed I decided I would start back to school as I didn't know how long I'd have all that free time on my hands. So I started the process with American Military University (no, you don't have to be military or former military to enroll with them) to enroll in a Bachelors program for Marketing. I started my second class today, Intro to Business.

I am so excited about this new chapter in my life too! I mean, I work in the education industry and I don't have my degree yet? How stupid can I be?! But I'm glad I waited...had I gone through my last employer it would not have been an accredited degree. Nor would it have been something I wanted...BS in Psychology. I could have done Marketing with them, and I was going to...but then I got let go and I moved on quickly. (I wanted no ties after the way the treated me.)

So that is the latest in my life. I'm still doing Weight Watchers...and I'm still holding steady at the 15 pounds lost mark. I have started a boot camp class in the mornings, twice a week. I'm hoping that will help kick-start the plateau I seem to be at. I've been doing it for two weeks and there hasn't been much change, but I had a few other things happen this last week that may have derailed it. So this week is the week to see my move beyond 15 lost to 17 lost (or more). I'm ready to do this!

Thank you for your patience with me. Now that I'm officially on my new work schedule and my class has started, I'm hoping to get a regular schedule going so that I can get back to blogging more. Until then...

Cheers, dolls!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Nail Files

So, as I'm sure you are all aware, it has been SOME TIME since I've done a post of any type. I am not overly proud of that as I really have loved blogging. But I've been busy...and lazy. But more on that in another post.

Today is all about my nails.

About three weeks ago I splurged and went for a mani/pedi. If you've followed my nail posts at all in the past you know I only do gel polish on my nails cause I can't keep a manicure longer than 24 hours if my life depended on it.

Here's the original look:

I don't know the name of the color, but it's purple burgundy with a layer of lovely glitter.

A week and a half later, we had this:

In the grand scheme of things, the polish probably shouldn't peel this soon, but I'm really okay with the fact that I had a great manicure for a full week!

Not long after that picture was taken, the middle finger and ring finger polish was the rest of the way off. Now, I peel the polish off when it starts snagging on stuff. I'm not playing with it trying to make it come off. So that kind of left me in a quandry...I had three bare nails and two with polish that wasn't budging. I turned to my collection to see what I could find:
(Forgive the messy edges) This is a Julep polish from last month, Padme. It is an almost perfect match! (It's more the than gel polish, but you can only tell in certain lights). I was so excited!!
As of yesterday afternoon, this is what we had on the nails:
My thumb nail gel was hanging on for dear life two and a half weeks later. I finished it off when I got home last night.

Today I'm sporting jacked up nails...thumbs with no polish, an index finger with no polish, and two ring finger nails with half the polish torn off thanks to the shower this morning. It is, clearly, time for another manicure. I think I'll be doing my own this time.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I look forward to reconnecting on here in the coming days/weeks.

Cheers, dolls!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 30

So it's been 30 weeks. I'm more than half way through the year. And I don't really feel like the results are there that I wanted to be there. But I'm going to keep going!

Today's Weigh in (because I missed it yesterday):  233.1
Difference from last week:  -1.4

WOOHOO for a loss this week! I don't really know what I did to make that loss happen. But I'm glad it did.

I think, no, I know that I need to do something different. I need to have more healthy foods in the house. And I need to work out more.

But right now, healthy food is too expensive for a couple only having one income.

And I have no motivation to work out lately.

Hopefully the mindset will change when I get a job. I'll feel like I'm contributing more and will be able to focus more on what I want to do and get done.

So, happy Tuesday, y'all. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Oh, and speaking of the job, I hope to have some good news on that front before the end of the week!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 29

Despite two work outs this week, I gained a little.

Today's weigh in:  234.5
Difference:  +.06

It's not a big change, but it's a gain. And I'm not happy with gains.

I need to do something a little more drastic to get things going again.

This is going to be short. I don't have much else to talk about the weight loss today.

Happy Monday, y'all!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Job Hunt

After being informed in April that my position was in jeopardy, I came home and began working on my resume' and started looking for new employment options. Let me tell ya, the pickin's are slim!

I have over 10 years of administrative style experience, but I have no degree. Many of the positions I found wanted a minimum of a Bachelor's degree, plus experience. Some I would apply for anyway.

I had an interview the beginning of June for a receptionist/administrative role at an online company based here in the city I live in. And that was the last I heard of that position. The clue that I didn't make the cut was when I found the position advertised, again, three days after my interview. I was a little annoyed because I honestly thought I rocked the interview. Guess I was wrong.

But I kept looking. I put my resume' in to Monster and Career Builder. And I kept looking at Craigslist. In my opinion, Career Builder seems to have more opportunities listed. But both were turning into a bust. I also checked the websites for all the major organizations here in town that are the biggest employment centers for our city. Again, nothing.

Finally, three weeks ago (5 days after getting let go) I stumbled across an ad, on a newspaper site, that one of the many colleges here in California was hiring. I went to the HR section of their website, and they had quite a few positions available. I applied for a receptionist position at their local office and a position in their student accounts department at their main campus (a 45 minute drive). I got a call for an interview for both positions on the same day!

I had both interviews last week:  student accounts on Monday and receptionist on Friday. I think I did very well with them. I was told at the student accounts interview that it may be a couple weeks before I hear back because they were in the end of the year audit. Both positions require a three interview process:  the initial interview, an interview with the department director, then an interview with the university's president. (obviously, the pool of prospective employees gets smaller at each level)

Monday of this week I got a call to schedule my second interview for the receptionist position. I had that yesterday. I think I did well. In fact, one of the people that was in the interview on Friday was in the interview yesterday. As he walked me out he said I did well.

Of the two positions, I'd prefer the receptionist position. It's here in town and not far from the apartment. Job duty wise, either one I would feel comfortable in. I would just prefer to not drive an hour and a half each day. But, let's be honest here, I can't really be too picky right now, can I? LOL!

I'll keep you posted on how things go!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How I Became Unemployed

I've been toying with whether or not I wanted to share this. I've decided to tell my story. Names have been omitted to protect the guilty and the innocent. If you know me in person, you'll know where I worked, but probably wouldn't know the people anyway. I've left that information anonymous too.

In April, while I was at the main offices for my quarterly visit, a meeting was called for all in my department. We were told we would be merged with another, given a new director, and our current director was going to be a part of a new team with a different title. The how’s and why’s were not really discussed. Neither were the details on how it would all come into play and when the official change would be made. The VP of the whole would be gone for two weeks and the former director and new director were to work out the changes to be put in place when the VP returned.

FYI – here is the old organizational chart:
o   New Director (who’s been under VP as long as old director)
*  Supervisor 1         
·         Team
o   Old Director
*  Supervisor 2
·         Team

New organizational chart:
o   New Director    
*  Supervisor 1
·         6-7 from team
*  Supervisor 2
·         6-7 from team

Two days later, another meeting took place with the new director and her team, the old director and his team. We discussed how we did things and what would need to change. The two teams were re-assigned to the two supervisors. There would be more meetings to come with individuals to discuss how they would now be utilizing their positions and changes to their duties.

Friday of that week, my last day before going home, I met with the new director and two supervisors. I was told, by the new director, that she wasn’t sure she wanted me on the team because I do not live locally (with the changes, I was the only person on her team that hold the title “outside rep” because I do not live local to the main offices) and that hasn’t worked well for her in the past. I was asked if I would relocate back to AL/FL. The answer was “no,” even without consulting my husband. I was then told that she would need to discuss with the VP what would need to be done.

For two months I was in limbo. No new trips were approved and anything beyond what was already booked was cancelled…for the new team members. The old team members were still “business as usual.” I was back in CA by now. I had a phone conversation in May with the new director. I was no closer to an answer on my status than I was in April.

In May I made arrangements to visit my husband, who was in Andalusia to train a new call center. There was also supposed to be a team meeting at the main offices. So, even though I was on vacation, I made arrangements to drive down so I could be a part of that meeting with my full team. Honestly, the day ended up being a waste of time and nothing was accomplished that was supposed to be accomplished. But I made the effort and I wanted that on record to the lady who was trying to get rid of me.

In June I was finally able to get a trip approved. It ended up being my last.

On Monday morning, July 8, at 8 AM, I got the phone call that I knew was coming. I was being let go. I think my favorite part of the call was how the director used various excuses that were never an issue before that phone call. But I have a feeling she couldn’t fire me because she didn’t want me on her team. “Having a remote rep hasn’t worked well for me in the past” is not a valid excuse when firing someone, so you must come up with other reasons that have never been addressed in the past.
* Low productivity – my job had never been about numbers. There was never a quota to be met at any event. They had just started looking at numbers in January, but there still was never a quota for trips.
* Not finishing my Bachelor’s degree – I was never told I HAD to have it or given a time frame to complete it by, even though the position technically required one for all new hires.
* Lack of initiative – I’m sorry, who took a day from her VACATION to sit in on a team meeting that she hadn’t been required to be a part of?  (FYI – this reason makes me mad more than the others do)

Those were the three reasons she actually gave, along with the term “various other reasons”.

So there you have it. The story of how I came to be unemployed.

Oh, and FYI – I had been with this organization for ten years!

I'm currently on the job hunt. I had two interviews last week and I had a call back for one of them. I go for my second interview for one of the positions tomorrow afternoon.

And, thankfully, despite the pressure of being jobless, I feel so much less stress in my life now!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 28

I have been doing this for 28 weeks. There have been many ups and downs...sometimes for ups then downs. And when I say ups I mean gains...bad ups, not good ups.

Thankfully, this past week was a down. (Again, for today's blog post, downs are good...ups are bad).

This morning's weigh in:  233.9
Difference from last week:  -1.1

I have no idea what worked for me and what didn't. I only logged my food two full days. Mr S and I had a birthday party on Saturday where there was A TON of Philipino food...and I ate quite a bit of it. We were at the in-laws yesterday for BBQ, in honor of Mr S birthday, where, again, I ate a lot of food...especially my father-in-law's potato salad. OH. MY. GOODNESS! Is that stuff ever delish!! (and it's the only potato salad I go back for seconds, thirds, etc., for) And I only worked out one day last week.

So, again, no idea what worked to lose that pound.

But this week will be different. I'm going to track my food. I'm going to try to get in more than one work out this week. And I'm also going to try to mix up my work out. I usually do cardio - Elliptical and stationary bike. I want to get in some strength training, too, and get my flab toned up some.

So here's to all of us on this constant journey to get healthy and lose weight! Keep up the good work, dolls!

And may all your weight loss dreams come true!!


Friday, July 26, 2013

The Nail Files - Iron Man

Last week I mentioned heading to Comic-Con on Sunday with Mr S. In honor of that, I went on a search to find the perfect nail design. I settled on an Avengers theme with this as my inspiration:
(You can find it on my Pinterest page, too)

And then I remembered the day after Comic-Con I had a job interview scheduled. I really didn't want to put all that work into nails that would come off the next day. So I didn't do them.

However, in honor of Mr S's birthday today, I did my nails in an Iron Man theme. Iron Man is the favorite superhero of Mr S. And, if I can find what I need, will be the decoration theme for when he comes home from work tonight!  :)

So, without further adieu:
 Left hand (which always looks better)

Right hand

*Please excuse the mess on my right hand...I haven't cleaned my edges yet, as you can see!

One coat of Julep Myrtle (red). Once dried, I diagnoally taped all but the ring finger and added Sally Hansen's Wedding Glitters (gold). The accent finger I used my white and black nail art paints then added a thin tip in the gold. I used the dotting tool and made a large white circle. And then the black rings, which were a pain in the bootay!

But, over all, I love this!

And, as always, linking up to show off my hard work! 

Happy Friday, y'all!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

So What if:

* I didn't do my weigh in post on Monday. For those that follow me, I gained 1.7.  Not overly thrilled, but it's partly my fault (lack of tracking, three alcoholic drinks Saturday night, and no healthy food all weekend).

* I'm starting to fade on the "diet". But I need to stay at it because I need to get healthy and get the weight off.

* This is a week of no motivation. I'll get there, eventually.

* I have about five things started/planned/shopped for to do around the house since last week and I've not finished any of them. Lack of motivation, remember?

* I still haven't found a job. It's only been two and half weeks. Thankfully, though, I've had a couple interviews...just nothing beyond that, yet. It's out there, somewhere.

* I actually kind of miss traveling! I don't know if it's the actual traveling I miss or the fact that traveling meant I had a job.

* I grossed myself out by looking at the Fiery Calimari last night. I still ate it. I just need to remember not to take my food apart to see what it looks like or how it's prepared.

* Aside from the not getting paid part, I'm kind of enjoying not working right now. It's like a vacation!

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Nail Files

It's been a while since I've linked up. And, to be honest, I've not done a whole lot with my nails lately. There just hasn't been time...and I needed some bare nails for a bit (GASP!).

But, I broke out the nail art this week, so I thought I'd share what my nails were like for the majority of the week!

The inspiration (from my pinterest and this website):

The execution:
Two coats Ulta Glam Session on all nails.

 Left hand

Right hand

The "tail" of the star is from my silver nail art lining polish. The stars are nail stickers I've had for a couple years. They were a pain in the tuckus! The didn't bend very well, so they didn't fold down on to the nail. Which translates to sharp corners and a butt-load of topcoat around them to kind of "smooth" them out and make them stay. It worked, too. The first star fell off in the shower on Wednesday...after being on since Sunday.

This weekend I'm going to Comic-Con in San Diego with Mr S (his early birthday present). I'm planning an Avengers theme for my nails. Stay tuned to next week to see what happens!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Weigh In - Week 26

It has been a little insane since my last weigh-in post two weeks ago. There were two days at Disneyland Resort followed by a week of house/dog sitting at my in-laws. Round it all out with not having any food in the house that would make this journey successful.

Despite it all, I'm really surprised at my results.

Today's Weight:  233.3
Difference from last weigh in:  +0.1

I can handle that, considering my eating habits the last week and a half.

I'm ready to get back on the wagon, though. Groceries have been bought. Meals have been planned.

Let's do this!!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Social

Now that I find myself with more time on my hands, for the moment, I thought I'd try to get back into blogging and maybe even get some organization going with this little online place. I'm not talking massive overhaul or anything like that - I'm quite happy with the looks of my page. But I want to get back to having things to talk about, even if it's just a ramble post.

So, to kind of kick-start my week, here's a link up hosted by Neely, over at A Complete Waste of Makeup, and Ashley at Ashely Lately.

Sunday Social

1. What is your all-time favorite song?
     Broken by Seether feat Amy Lee. And it HAS TO BE this version. No other version he does...this one only! I don't know why, but this version is amazing (to me)!

2. Who is your favorite singer/band?
     3 Doors Down and Third Day. I think I have all of their albums:  I can only say that about these two bands.

3. What song reminds you of your childhood?
     Anything by DC Talk, especially from their Free At Last album.

4. What songs put you in a good mood?
     Lately, it's been Remix by New Kids on the Block. I am in love with this song!!

5. What is your music to rock out to in your car?
     See #4! I also like to dance in my car to just about any song with a great beat:  LMFAO, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, P!nk, Fall Out Boy...the list is an eclectic one!

6. What is your most embarrassing album or song you own?
     I don't know that there are any, that I can think of. There are, however, a handful of songs I wouldn't play around my mom! For example:  Get Low by Lil John & The East Side Boys  & Ying Yang Twins. Or Candy Shop by 50 Cent & Olivia. But they're great dance-in-your-car songs!

And there you have it...info on the music that fills my days.
Want to play along this week, or next? Head over to Neely or Ashley's pages and join in!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Subscription Share - June Boxes

Here's a look at the goodies I got in June!!


Once again I went with my regular box - Classic With A Twist. I have to say, I wasn't overly impressed with the month's selections.) My nail colors are Martha (pink) and Kennedy (taupe?). I'm really not sure what color category Kennedy falls into. It is one I wouldn't pick for myself, normally. There were three pieces of salt-water taffy. And DD Creme in Medium.

*Update - I haven't used the polishes yet. But I tried the DD cream - the medium is too dark! And the Saltwater Taffy candy was good.

* 29 Cosmetics - 29 Preserves Skin Care Collection:  An antioxidant-rich and eco-chic quartet that protects and firms skin.
* Antica Farmacista - Body Moisturizer in Grapefruit:  Freshly scented, antioxidant-packed moisturizer from Italy.
* Beauty Protector - Protect & Detangler:  Nourishing elixir that locks in color and instantly detangles.
* Birchbox + Color Club - Wanderlust collection:  Exclusive neon pastel shades inspired by four of our favorite Cities.  *ironically, this is Reign in Spain - Reign isn't a city and Spain is a country*
* Glee Gum - Sugar-free Glee Gum:  chew on this - this all-natural gum has no artificial ingredients (and retails for $11.95 for a 12-pack!)

I may use the lotion and detangler. And possible the nail polish. And, if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll give the gum a shot too. But, overall, I'm disappointed once again. Therefore, I have cancelled my Birchbox Subscription. Due to finances, I probably won't do another subscription box for now. From here out, you'll have to satisfy yourselves with my Julep boxes.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Nail Files

I branched out of my nail color comfort zone this week. And I actually really liked it!!

This is Mackenzie by Julep. 

I've had her a couple months but have been working up the nerve to try her. Since I had no where to go this week but around town, I decided I wanted something different this week.

So what are you doing with your nails this weekend? Come show them off with the rest of us by joining with Tara and Vicki for

Happy Friday, y'all!!