Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Through The Lense

...back on it's regularly scheduled day!!

This week's installment comes from....wait for it...DISNEYLAND!! I know, you guessed. I mean really, anyone who reads this blog knows I've a bit of an obsession for all things Disney.

Well, since it's October and Halloween is coming up, it's this time of year that Disney really showcases it's Villains. Don't get me wrong...I'm a firm supporter of all things "Happy Ever After" and that means those nasty Villains getting what they deserve.

But if I had to choose, this guy right here...
...would be my favorite. Yup, that is none other than (insert southern/country accent) the Honorable Sheriff of Nottingham. I don't know what it is about him, but he's my favorite. And while you rarely see most Villains out and about at Disneyland (every now and then you see Cruella throughout the year), it's even more rare to see this guy. So I snapped a quick pic as he was leaving the autograph area (where Jafar, the Queen of Hearts, and Cruella were still signing).

And I LOVE that he has his bag of coins!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday's Through The Lense...on Friday

I had a picture all picked out yesterday and ready to go...and I still didn't post last night like I'd planned to. So with out further adieu...

The Disneyland Park Map Puzzle

Sorting all the "edge" pieces (which is a relatively loose term as
there are no straight edges...they're curved)

See!! Look at those curves...and the blank spaces!!

But it's done!! It took longer than it should have due to
my easily distracted nature. But this is the finished product!

Framed and hanging above the couch!!

I love to do puzzles...when I have the time. The only problem is I'll work like crazy at it for a couple days in a row...then leave it for a week or so. Then I'll come back one day, work on it some more, then leave again. That's what happened here until I finally sat down one day (two days before my parents came for a weekend visit) and finished it. And I think the only reason I did it then is because it was taking up all the table space! Had it not been for that, it probably still wouldn't be done. Yeah...that's how I roll!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Through The Lense

Let's see if I can get back on track with this one! Here's a couple pictures taken with the new camera!! :)

This is the view from our patio. It just happened to be a really nice night for picture taking; usually it's not nearly so pretty!

A field in Hanford, CA - there was storm coming in and I LOVE the contrast of the dark clouds with the greens and yellows of the corn field. And yes, I did pull off the side of a back country road to take this picture!

Another sunset off the balcony here at the apartment. I love that the dark cloud in the front kind of looks like a dragon swooping down!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life update :)

I can't believe it's been over a month since the last post...and that I only have 32 days until I marry the love of my life!! Where has all the time gone?!?!

Well, let's see if I can fill you all in on all that's happened.

As of Sept 1 I'm officially back with CSU. It started in motion when I was in Atlanta in August and everything was finalized by Sept 1 and the process of re-adjusting started. I'm not in the Learning Partner department, which is great. And while I'll still be doing a lot of traveling (every other week) I'll get to do a lot of that in my local area and be back in my own bed at the end of the day...which will be great as a newlywed. :) Since the switch I've made two trips already: Bakersfield area and Fresno area.

I got an early wedding present from Mr S: a Canon EOS Rebel T3i (Digital SLR Camera)!!! I'm so in love...with the man, of course...but the camera is pretty FANTABULOUS too!!

We bought/ordered our wedding bands. Mine is just a simple band that wraps around my ring. Kind of hard to do anything fancy with mine since it's the design it is. His is a Tungsten Carbide and very nice looking as well.

My parents were here two weekends ago. They came in on the 28th of Sept and left Oct 2. It was so nice having them here, even if I couldn't take time off to spend the day with them on Thursday and Friday. But I take off early on Friday so I could have some more time with them. They went with me for my dress fitting so they could see the whole get up (they'd seen it in May when I took with me, but it looked much better having it on properly and such at the bridal store). And mom helped me pick out a different veil. We also went shopping for mom to get her dress for the wedding, which we found at Macy's! She looks fantastic in it!!

And, while they were here, I had my wedding shower at my future step-mom-in-law's place!! So much fun!! Distant family-in-laws were there as were friends. My Mom was there, which was the best part! I loved that she got to be a part of some of the wedding stuff while she was here. It's been a little hard having her 7 hours away while I plan the wedding. But I'm glad she got to be here for the fitting and the shower. And they'll be back the week before the wedding to help as well.

Last week I was in Fresno, so nothing exciting. Mr. S pre-ordered my new phone on Friday. Yup...I'm finally jumping on the band wagon and getting an iPhone...and I couldn't be more excited!!! It should arrive this Friday and I can get it all set up before the weekend.

Oh, and Mr S is AMAZING!!! Not only did he pre-order my phone. He also bought me roses, that were waiting for me when I got home on Friday. And he bought me "The Lion King" on blue-ray last week and "Dumbo" on blue-ray this week!! He is slowly helping me with my Disney movie collection! I love him!! :)

I think that's are now up to date with my life. :)