Friday, March 30, 2012

March Photo A Day - Catch Up

Traveling really makes it hard to find the time to do my usual weekly posts.  So if you're new to my page, you'll see me disappear every other week sometimes.  I do try to keep up when I'm on the road, but my work laptop is a POS when it comes to photos and such so I try not to freak it out.

Seems I owe you folk quite a few photo's from this month's Photo A Day hosted by fatmumslim.  She's starting up another one for April and has already posted the details on her site, so go check it out if you think you want to join.

Here are days 16 through 30...

 Day 16 - Sunglasses

Day 17 - green
Day 18 was skipped - supposed to be a corner of the home

Day 19 - funny (Big Bird was at WonderCon)

Day 20 - Before/After

Day 21 - Delicious

Day 22 - Kitchen Sink (hotel room style)

Day 23 - moon (since there wasn't one I did a picture of my plane's wing)

Day 24 - animal

Day 25 - Breakfast

Day 26 - keys

Day 27 - your name

Day 28 - Trash (I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of the trashcan so I did some good trash)

Day 29 - feet (shoe off for the drive home)

Day 30 - toy (new iPad from the hubs as an early b'day gift)

Tomorrow I'll post the last picture for the month.  I'm contemplating using my regular camera for April.  But I don't always have it with me (like when I travel).  And it's so much easier to use instagram to edit before posting.  I'll figure it out by Sunday!

Stay tuned!



Something new for Fridays

I think I'm going to attempt to start linking up with Fabulous But Evil for

The Nail Files

So here's the first one:

Base coat and one coat of color.

A few hours later, wanting to jazz it up, I added a glitter to the ring finger (you can barely see it).  And I added a top coat (something I rarely do).

The best part...I don't know the name of the color!!  I bought the bottle last year sometime and the label has since peeled off!!



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon again for another week of

So What If...

* It's been over a week since my last post...of any sort!  It's really kind of hard to concentrate on blogging on my POS work laptop.  So I usually skip it when I'm out of town, which will now be every other week now that the travel schedule has finally found "balance".

* I am slacking on the "wifey duties".  Get your mind out of the gutter.  I mean the cooking/cleaning stuff.  I am just not into it this week!

* I still haven't unpacked from my trip last week.  And I have meetings tomorrow and need those clothes cleaned.

* I haven't done two of my assignments that were due last night.  Tonight it is!  If I'm not distracted by the TV again.

* That's all I've got for this week.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Through The Lense

Just so we're feels very much like Friday to me!  And I'm very sad that it's not!

Ok, now that that's out of the way, onto this week's group of pictures from the March Photo A Day challenge sponsored by FatMumSlim!

Day 9 - Red

Day 10 - Loud (aren't they, though?!)

Day 11 - Someone I talked to today

Day 12 - Fork (found on Pinterest)

Day 13 - Sign

Day 14 - Clouds

Day 15 - Car (my battery died a new one didn't help, so my baby's getting a lift to the shop)

And there you have it!  Check out all the other blogs/posting sites featuring others who are joining up for the challenge this month over at FatMumSlim.  I'm looking forward to April's Challenge. Who knows, maybe I'll use my real camera for that one!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So What Wednesday

Once again I'm linking up with Shannon for another round of

This week, I'm saying So What If:

* I have fallen off the cleaning/cooking/organized week band wagon.  I've been

* I have no desire to do anything but sleep right now.  Between the time change and sick all I want are my pillows and a blanket!

* I'm hoping with this sick I'll drop a few pounds.  Even though it's only a severe cold, I've not had much of an appetite.  This might be the boost I need to shed that weight! (HA!)

* I'm sort of not looking forward to the weekend (I know, crazy).  It's going be very full of fun stuff (wonder-con and Disneyland), but I have a 6 am flight on Monday I have to get up at 2 for.  That's the part I'm not looking forward to.

* I haven't touched all the craft stuff I bought last year to do this year.  It's not in the way, it's organized (sort of) neatly, and I'll get to it eventually!

And that's all I've got for this week.

What are you saying So What to this week?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thursday's Through The Lense

This is, obviously, very late!  Last week (Wed - Fri) I was out and about in Orange County visiting with partners and students.  Thursday night I got home after 6 (thank you CA traffic) and was just way too exhausted to attempt anything beyond sitting on the couch in front of the TV...just ask the hubs, I didn't cook at all those three days!

As you know/remember, I'm doing the March Photo A Day challenge via FatMumSlim and putting my week of pictures here for this month (and next if I decide to do it again).  Last week was the first day so I gave you Day 1.  Here are days 2 through 8.  (and in a couple days I'll give you days 9-15).

Day 2:  Fruit

Day 3:  Your Neighborhood (at night)

Day 4:  Bedside

Day 5:  A Smile

Day 6:  5 PM

Day 7:  Something You Wore

Day 8:  Window (while driving in Buena Park)

And there you have them!  :)


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying So What If:

* I am not a fan of the "distressed" look on furniture.  It looks worn out and in desperate need of refinishing!  Nope, this chic wants things that look new and cherished, not worn and torn.

* I started writing this last week in hopes of getting inspired by today and this is as far as I've gotten!  It'll come...eventually's the rest...

* I've gained back the 5 pounds I lost!  I know what my problem is (besides food in general) and I'm working on dealing with it!  (aka...exercise is the problem, or lack there of)

* My week of "travel" went down the crapper fast.  What is wrong with people not wanting to email me back?!  I'm don't require 100% of your attention all day!  I only want 15-20 minutes of one day this week.  Then you can kick me to the curb and I'll be on my way!  I'll even bring you cookies for your trouble and having to put up with me!

(Insert break for work - I'm writing this on Tuesday cause I'll be gone all day tomorrow)

* I have no plan for the next three days of work visits.  Even after taking another day in the office, I still only have one confirmed appointment...on Thursday.

* I started a new routine today knowing I wouldn't be able to do it the next three days!  I cancelled WW last month (that's $18 going down the drain) and will pick back up with MFP (free) for calorie counting.  But my biggest issues is exercise.  So I got up early today and did a half hour of Wii Zumba.  The plan is to do that every or every other morning.  Only I chose today to start (cause you got to start somewhere) despite the fact I won't be doing it the next three mornings.  D'oh!!

* I have no desire to cook dinner tonight.  But I feel bad for the hubs cause it'll be fast cooking the next three nights cause I will NOT feel like cooking at night after driving all over Orange County the next three days.  So the least I can do is give him his last meal for the week. 

* I should totally be on the road already to my first stop.  Had a speed bump at the house this morning (aka, hubs locked me out after returning from dropping me at the rental car place and I had no keys).  So now I'm speeding through breakfast and finish packing lunch...then I'm gone!  

And that's all I've got!  What are you saying "So What" to this week.  Come join the fun over at Life After I Dew.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday's Thru The Lense

I'm going to join a photo challenge this month!!

I loved seeing all (ok, some) of my friends follow and participate in the February Photo A Day challenge done by Chantelle over at fat mum slim, so I thought I'd join in this month.  Basically, each day has a different prompt and you can interpret it into your pictures how ever you want to.  Here's the guide for March:

(here's the link to the March "plan").

What I will plan to do, and we'll see how this really works out, is post my 7 days of photos each week here.  I'll also be posting the pics daily on Twitter via Instagram (@ringsgal for both if you care to follow along).

Here is today's:

The prompt was "up".  I chose to take it literally and took a picture of today's sky...because it is a BEAUTIFUL day here in SoCal!

Next week I'll have tomorrow through Thursday on it, so stay tuned!