Friday, May 23, 2014

The Nail Files - Marble Mani

I have been wanting to try the marble technique for quite some time. Well, the other night afforded me the opportunity while Mr S went out with friends from high school.

The basic idea is dropping colors into a glass of water. They don't break through the top layer on the water (well, some do, but that's okay too), but the color spreads out to fill the surface area (I used a plastic cup). Drop a varying amount of the colors. Then run a toothpick lightly through to swirl. Once swirled to your liking, dip your finger in the colors. Try not to break through the water (if you can. I don't know that it's a big deal if you do other than more water than necessary gets on your nail and may get under the polish). Clean the excess off around the nail. To clean out the water, simply swirl the toothpick around and it will pick up all the color and you can start again. This is one of many links out there with a little more detail and pictures.

Here are the colors I used:
The three mini's are Essie:  Under Where?, In The Cabana, and First Timer. Wet & Wild's French White Creme. And Orly's Shine On You Crazy Diamond (in place of a top coat).

Here's the messy look...and I do mean messy!!

Thankfully it's easy to clean off the nails:


I think the marbling look came out a little better on the left hand, but I'd had a little more practice by then. You can't really see it, but the Orly is a holo, small glitter that added a nice touch in the right light.

This was, surprisingly, easy to do. And I could see myself doing this some other time. It also stuck around for more than one day, which was nice. I think it started noticeably peeling on day 3. I'm okay with that!

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Happy Friday!

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Nail Files - From Pinterest to Real Life

While browsing Pinterest one day, I found this lovely mani:
(here's the link:  pinterest )

I fell in love with the colors. And I've been wanting to do an ombre, of sorts, on my nails, I just haven't had the patience to go through my colors to find the right shades.

A couple days after pinning, I found myself by a Sally's Beauty Supply. I had some extra change in my pocket (goin' jing-a-ling-a-ling), so I stopped in to see what I could find. They didn't have the OPI colors listed on the picture, but I found some similar in Finger Paints (which I'd never bought before).

Here's what I came up with:
(forgive the icky edges...I had not cleaned it up yet when I took the picture)
The colors are a little darker, but I still love it! On the index and pinky is Finger Paints Masterpiece of Minimalism, on my middle finger is Sketch Me, and the thumb and ring finger is Rockin' Renaissance (which is actually a texture polish that I didn't realize until I put it on...but it totally works). This is definitely a combo I'll try again. And the colors would be great solo, too!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Life update

I seem to go in spurts with posting lately. I'm really not super busy, so I don't know what my problem is. I'd like to say that I'll try harder, but I probably won't. Sorry. I want to, but I'm not going to make promises I may or may not keep. I think it's the new morning routine is different now that I work noon - 9 pm. And I'm not home all day like I was in my last job...where some of my posts would happen during my work hours (kind of like this one's a slow night).

So what's been going on lately? Quite a bit, actually. Or at least that's what it feels like to me.

Work is great, as always. It's so nice to work for an organization that truly cares about its employees. Annual reviews are coming up. They do them all at one time, regardless of when you were hired. It's kind of nice that way. And I'm sure it's easier for HR than to keep track of over 500 employee's hire dates (I honestly have no idea how many employees there are...that's just a guess that includes full and part time faculty).

Mr S got a promotion/position change. His current job position, and all the other people that hold the same title as him (about 150-300 in our area alone), will be losing their jobs in September thanks to corporate restructuring. Last month Mr S put in for another position with in the company and was chosen! His first official day is in two weeks. He'll be a part of public affairs, so he'll get to go out into the community and promote some. It will be a change from what he's used to, but also provides a lot of growth and advancement potential within the company.

In March we moved into a smaller apartment to work on saving money and getting out of debt. Our goal is to be in a place to start the house hunt in either December or January.

I started back taking classes online through my current employer. I'm working to my bachelors in Marketing and, if all goes according to plan, should graduate December, 2016! It seems like a long ways off, but I'm still very excited about it all.

My weight loss journey/struggle continues. I fell off the wagon this year and I've gained back 10 of the 15 I lost. But I got back on track yesterday and I am determined to keep at it!

So there is the latest update.

I hope all is well with everyone!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Feeling the need to vent

Since I got a new job in August, I also got new insurance. I'm previous employer had a PPO plan and I got to choose who I wanted to see whenever I wanted. My new plan is an HMO and requires a Primary Care Physician. Now most normal people probably already have one of those. Thanks to moving, I do not. I don't really remember having one main doctor I went to in Florida for everything, either.

Anyway, I did some research and chose a group close to where I live. And I was assigned a doctor from that group by my HMO provider. No problem, I was thinking. I picked the group, so I'm okay with the doctor I was given.

And then I had my first appointment with her. The office staff was very nice and professional. I was told to arrive a half hour early to get my new patient paperwork filled out. After doing so, I only waited about 5 minutes before being called back. The nurse that took my temperature, weight, blood pressure, and pulse was very nice. After these initial tests, she took me to the exam room and asked me some questions about current prescriptions. She also asked if there was anything else I wanted the doctor to address aside from the new patient check-up. I actually did have a few things, so I told her and watched as she typed the notes in my computer file. She then left me to wait.

Less than five minutes later, the doctor arrived. She introduced herself and shook my hand. Then she sat at the computer and looked over my file. She asked me the same questions about my prescriptions the nurse did. This was my first issue as she should have been able to see what the nurse had written when I’d answered the questions a few minutes earlier. But, whatever.

Then she asked me if I’d always been the weight I am. No, I’ve gained over the years, but I am trying to lose. She then proceeded to tell me that I can’t just exercise and expect to lose the weight; I have to be mindful of what I ate too. She didn’t bother to ask what I was doing to try to lose weight or if I had lost any. She just launched into her nutritionist spiel. This was “strike two”.

She then proceeded to “check” me. She looked in my ears and throat, barely. Checked my lungs and heart and then ran her hand down my throat and leg (weird). I assume her hand at my throat was to check it, but she barely did so I can’t be too sure.

And then she was heading out the door with orders to get blood work done. No mention of “is there anything else?” or the issues I’d addressed with the nurse. No questions about my medical history (which is sketchy, at best). No second glance. I was completely dumb founded.

I have to admit, in a moment of stressed out, I actually cried in my car when it was all over. I felt like I’d been run over. I was already super stressed about a new doctor (I hate going to the doctor!!), and then everything happened as quickly as you read through it. It was all little more than my emotions could handle.

While the quickness of the time the doctor was actually in the room with me should have been strike three, it was only part of it. The other part was the fact that nothing was asked about my medical history. Now, normally, that probably wouldn’t be a big deal. But, as I said, I have a bit of a sketchy medical history. When I was eleven I was hospitalized with a build-up of fluid around my heart. Every doctor I have EVER been to since then, when they see that on my information, had spent at least five minutes questioning me about it and any residual effects I may or may not be having (I’m about to be 35). I even had one doctor, five years ago, ask me to contact the hospital I had been in and see about getting the records sent over to him so he could have my file and make sure all is still well (this is the doctor I’m having to replace due to insurance changes and him selling his practice three months ago…super sad face!).

So after the initial shock of what happened wore off, I got mad and upset. I mean, what’s the point of taking 30 minutes to fill out paperwork with lists of previous surgeries and conditions and prescriptions if you’re not going to take the time to talk to me about it. And speaking of prescriptions, if you can’t find what I’m on based on my misspelling the ridiculous name the drug has, you are not be looking hard enough! I can type in a misspelled drug name and find what I’m looking for.

Anyway. After all that, it has been decided I will not go back. I’m going to change my group and doctor on my HMO information and see about getting in with another doctor here in town. 

Here’s hoping…