Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly update - 11/19/2013

As you can see, I’ve been pretty inconsistent here. I’m hoping to change that this week. I’m implementing some scheduling that, I hope, will get me in some semblance of order when I’m not at work. I just feel like so much is going on, but when I stop to list it out, it doesn’t seem like that much after all.

The new job is going well. I’ve officially hit my 90 days. I should have a review coming soon, I think. And, since I’m now past the 90 days, I’ll be changing schools (again). Honestly, if it weren’t for the no cost but books thing, I’d stay where I’m at as I’m really enjoying AMU. However, free is no loans to pay for stuff. And if all I have to pay for is books (either buy or rent), then that is also no loans. And No Loans is always going to trump just about anything when it comes to school costs.

School is going well. I finished my first class with an A. My second will probably be a C+ or a B as I didn’t turn in an assignment and have a 60 on another. And aside from really not liking my professor, it’s been a decent class. There’s been some things I’ve had issues with (like a two page memo…memos are not supposed to be longer than a page…that’s why they’re called memos!), it’s hasn’t been too bad. I have two more weeks left and I’ll be done. Just in time to get my transcripts sent over to CBU to finalize everything for the January 6 start.

My parents are coming for Christmas. That will be fun. It’s been two years since they’ve been here, and while I’ve been there a couple times it’ll be nice to have them here for a change. Dad’s looking forward to all the restaurants; mom’s looking forward to the shopping.

Speaking of two years, Mr. S and I celebrated two years of matrimonial bliss last week! WOOHOO!!

And, with that, I’ve run out of things to update with. Oh well, probably for the better. It’s time to clean the office/spare room and get ready for work.

Cheers, dolls!


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