Friday, April 10, 2015

The Nail Files - Manicures of days past, part 1

Until two weeks ago, I haven't really kept up with these weekly nail shows. But I've been taking pictures with every intent to post them each week. It just doesn't happen.

Since I'm keeping it simple the next couple weeks to give my nails a break. Thanks to staining from one polish and peeling off my vacation gel manicure, my nails are a bit of a wreck right now! But I have plenty to share with you. So for the next couple weeks, maybe three, I'll be bringing you...

cue the dramatic music
Manicures of Days Past

To start of this lovely look back, I give you the gel manicure I did  BEFORE vacation. In the past, as you may or may not know, I've had issues with gel staying put longer than a week. That, along with the fact that I'm rough on my nails and can't keep a regular manicure, is why I started doing my own nails and creating such a large stash of polish.

But this gel mani last the full two weeks! I was so happy about that!

Here's the progression:
Post Manicure

One week in.

Either a week and a half or two weeks in. 

I was very excited about the amount of time this stayed put. It really restored my faith in the Gel Mani, which is why I did one for vacation (which didn't last as long because I went to a different salon for it...booo).

So there you have the first installment of Manicure of Days Past!

Now, come link with the rest of us polish addicts and show us those mani/pedis!

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Cheers, loves!



  1. UH that wear-time is seriously impressive!! I polished my nails last night and they are already very chipped :(

    aka Bailey

  2. Wow!! That wear was incredible!! Funny how it really depends on application, though. That pinky-purple is gorgeous, and the glitter topper gives it some punch. Love it! (Also, loved your cueing of dramatic music. Haha!)