Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'll never get used to this

While I was setting this blog up, my world got rocked! Quite literally, actually. A 5.9* earthquake struck SoCal about 13 miles north of Borrego Springs. (*according to first look at geological site after re-entering the apartment when it stopped SHAKING! After checking the site 15 minutes later it was reduced to a 5.4). So where is Borrego Springs and 13 miles north, you ask? Well, pull out your trusty and find Temecula (where my derriere is currently resting) and go mostly east and a tad south. You'll see Borrego Springs in a white area surrounded by green (if your looking at the same map as me). the top of that green you will see where it's a flat line...that is 13 miles N of Borrego Springs (your precise coordinates are: 33.417°N, 116.483°W). That location is about 40 miles (driving through winding roads) from Temecula. Not quite sure how that calculates in "straight shot" mileage, but you get the idea. IT'S CLOSE!!!

This is the second one in about a month for me. The third that I've actually felt since moving to CA in 2008. I don't know if I'll ever get used to the feeling of your "secure" home shaking. This one felt a lot bigger than the last one (come to find out that is due to it being a lot closer) so I actually did what one should do in this situation...make my way outside. As I got to my door, the shaking (think slight jiggling up and down feeling) subsided. But as I stood at the top of my stairs I was watching my building sway like a tree in a breeze! Only someone who's been through this will know the feeling that brings to your insides...I'm gonna go with mushy, but not in that amazing just kissed way. Once I was back inside, it took a good 20 minutes to get my hands to function properly (typing this helped) and quit shaking. I'm feeling a little more stable now.

So I just took a minute to look at the geological site again...there have been numerous aftershocks since. Thankfully, I haven't felt any!! I've had my world rocked enough for one day, thank you!

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