Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's been a while...

What, like two weeks now. Sorry to those of you that are faithful readers! Here's my updates:

Foodie Fridays: I flew home from Atlanta on the 26th. From the time my plane landed in San Diego to the time I walked through my front door it was just about 2 - 2 1/2 hours (thank you California Friday traffic). Dear Mr S was so kind to have cooked and left me a plate to heat up since had left for work. Therefore there wasn't one on the 26th. And on the 2nd I was cooking for 1 as Mr S was going to be later than usual on the arrival I didn't cook anything spectacular. I am, however, very sorry to say that I managed to eat a whole box of Mac & Cheese by myself (I'm not really proud of that).

Thursday's Through The Lense: *surprise!!* I've not taken any good pictures lately so I've not had anything to share. But I'm hoping to get some up over the next few weeks...probably some oldie but goodies.

Work: changes coming/finalizing. I'm back with CSU as of Thursday. I'll still be doing some travel, but it sounds like I'll be keeping to the West Coast - which is FINE by me after jaunting all over the Central-East US the past 8 months. I'm not kidding when I say all over the Central & Eastern US: San Antonio, Atlanta (twice), Minneapolis/St. Paul (twice), Iowa (Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, & Des Moines all in one week), Orange Beach (Alabama), Tampa, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and DC. Plus two work trips to Arizona and one Conference in San Diego that I actually got to stay IN San Diego for (instead of driving in every day). But the majority of my travel this year has been out of my time zone. Even if I'm gone for a week at a time with the new position, it'll still be nice to be on the same zone has home. There will be more details to come with this as things unfold and finalize.

Wedding (what everyone really cares about): coming right along. Invites went out on the 22nd of August and are slowly coming back in. I know, I sent them early. But after looking over the guest list I think we might be going over our original number and getting them early allows us to make the necessary financial arrangements in time to compensate. I really didn't think there would be as many people on the invite list as there were. I had my appointment with the florist last week: went $160 over budget!! The good news on that, though, is it may come down. I'd really love to do something fun and unique for the boutineers, like this:

but I just don't know what yet. So I went ahead and ordered them for the guys just in case the plan never comes to be. I've just about got the centerpieces figured out...I just need to find out if three of them are going to be too tall and what to do if they are (I don't have the receipts for the pillars...and I bought them late last year?) If they're too tall I might put them on a food table or at the guest book area. Speaking of, I've decided there will be no guest book. I'm going to do up little cards for the guests to write words of wisdom or such on them and either have them hang them on some manzanite (or similar) branches or put in a jar. Still undecided on that part of the detail. But I really like the idea of the guest book being more personalized than just putting your name and address in a book.

Weight Loss: ugh! I've lost about 10 pounds. Yup...that's it since May. How depressing?! But it's really all my fault. I fluctuate on keeping track of my points like I'm supposed to. And I've not been working out. I mean, I can only go so far with just watching what I eat. I was actually doing really good...lost the 10 pounds and then I screwed up a week (a week I was out of town) and that sent me back to fluctuating between gaining and losing. With all the back and forth, the scale says I've lost a total of 10 pounds. This week I'm really getting on the ball though. I've worked out twice this week already and I'm keeping in my points each day. I've got to keep going and lose SOME weight before Nov 13. It's not that my dress doesn't's actually perfect. But I'd rather lose than gain and it not fit at all (that would be a nightmare!!).

I think that's all I've got, for now. Look for more posts later this week!

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