Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Such a horrible poster

Well...time for another apology! I'm getting really bad at this. And it's not that I'm super busy, I just haven't done it. Which is odd because I'm about to get super busy! It's that time of year!! And I'm so excited!

Christmas is my favorite holiday season!! I love snowflakes and snowmen and gingerbread men and all that fun stuff (not a fan of Santa decor, but to each his/her own). I love getting a tree, real or fake, and decorating...filling that green booger with so many white lights you don't know what color the tree is anymore!! And most of all, I love that it's the celebration of our Lord's birth! :) This year I actually have room for a full size tree...but I have no idea how to get it home and up to my 2nd floor apartment. So I may just do another mini this year...especially since Stephen and I may be staying at his dad's Christmas Eve. Another thing I'm excited about...actually spending Christmas day with the love of my life!!! (Last year he had to work so we did Christmas early and I went to AZ). I'm so looking forward to this year!

On a different note...I've discovered my clothes fitting more and more tightly and it's time for me to get back into doing something about that! I can feel the effects of my weight on my body and it's just not healthy for me, at my age, to be this way! So, effective immediately it's time to start! Slowly, though, otherwise I'll burn myself out of this faster than I start. So, first things first...cutting out sodas. That's a hard one for me because I love my dark, carbonated, sugary goodness!! But that's the start. I need to start back into some sort of exercise regime, but that's the next step...we're doing baby steps for now! :)

And, the final new excitement in my life is that class starts today! Two more courses, to make my life busy, have begun today: Critical Thinking and Industrial/Organizational Psychology! I'm working my way to a BS in Psychology. It'll take a couple years, but that is the ultimate goal! And I'm very excited to finally be back on track with that, even if it means taking some fun out of my weekends.

Well...that's about it for now. I'll try to get back into the swing of some of my original posts: Monday's Mug and Friday Fill-In. And I'll try to do more updates as I can too...but you know me!


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