Sunday, May 29, 2011

Full weekend!

Yesterday was my birthday!! Hooray for me!! My lovely fiance' took the day off (he usually works weekends) and we spent the day together. I got a new charm for my Pandora bracelet:

It's a dolphin. :) A while back I asked Mr S what his favorite animal was. Well, he's allergic to most, if not all, fuzzy creatures so there weren't many pets growing up. But he did tell me he likes dolphins because they are one of the most intelligent creatures. So I've adopted that has his favorite animal (yes, you read right...I adopted that FOR him...he wouldn't commit here so I made the decision for him). And that is why I now have a dolphin charm...hooray!

Here's all I have so far:

The turtle (far right) was the favorite animal. Followed by purple hearts I bought in February for our 2nd year together (wanted amethyst but fell in love with the purple enamel when I saw it). The middle Mr S bought for our 2nd year together. The next was a "just cause" gift waiting for me when I got home from my trip to Minneapolis...that's a representation of his July birthstone. And the last is the latest: the dolphin.

I also got a unicorn pillow pet:

Yeah, we're dorks that way! If you've seen the cartoon movie, Despicible Me, then you know about Agnes...the little girl with the unicorn obsession. Well, we've got that now, sort of. "Look at the fluffy unicorn!! It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!" It's something we say a lot lately, so of course the unicorn pillow pet fits.

Then I played the "birthday card" and got Mr S to go to Bed Bath and Beyond with me to do our first gift registry! I had fun, I think he suffered through it. Although he did put stuff on there he wanted and he handled all the pots and pans since that's his area more than mine. Thanks to a very sweet but chatty attendant (and the fact that they don't let you take the scanner and do your own stuff) we were there for 5 hours...yeah, FIVE hours!!! I really didn't think it'd take THAT long!! But we got a lot on the list. BBB is our main place for stuff we want/need. I still want to do a few things from Target and Macy's. But we pretty much got everything I thought we would. I may even do some duplicates at the other two stores to give people a price option...and if we get the duplicates it's gift cards for us!! :)

After that we had a lunch at In N Out. Then home to relax for a couple hours before heading back out to see Bridesmaids. Funny movie!! And a great time since Tessa joined us!

Today I had my own post-birthday celebrations: haircut, manicure, pedicure. And some shopping at VS, Target, & B&N...three of my favorite stores.

Now I'm home and need to "pack". I'm heading to Arizona tomorrow to see the parents (it's been since Thanksgiving). While packing for them doesn't require the organization like a work trip, it still takes time I don't want to commit to it in the morning. :)

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend! Enjoy your holiday tomorrow!!


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  1. I loved Despicable Me!!!

    I cannot imagine it taking 5 hours!!! They don't let you take the gun? STINKY!
    You have a trooper if he stuck it out that long. No way John would survive that!