Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday's Through The Lense

Back on track...this week, at least. :)

This is from the day Mr. S proposed. :) I have this "slight" obsession with these little Disney figures called Vinylmation (see previous post). This particular one is from the "Cutesters" series. The way they work is you pick a box and buy. You don't know what you're getting till you open it (and I think that's the obsession for me...the mystery of it all). Each series has 12 differently designed figures and one "chaser" (unannounced mystery). This Vinylmation is the chaser for the Cutesters series. I just thought it was fitting that the "Cinderella Castle" Cutesters Chaser was one I got the day I got engaged. And I just couldn't resist showing off my ring with my new favorite Vinylmation. :)

Here's the back of the figurine:


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