Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's been a crazy week or so. I missed last week's TTTL due to being in Phoenix/Glendale for a conference. This week's will come in a separate post (once I upload my latest pics).

Here's the update:

Last week I was in Phoenix/Glendale for a few days. I had some time on Thursday when I flew in (which was so nice to have a late morning flight instead of being up before the sun) that I got some quality time with Mr. Sun in the afternoon. However, due to ridiculously high heat, that didn't last longer than an hour. Oh Em Gee....Phoenix was around 111 on Thurs (90-something after dark), 109 on Friday (inside all day...thankfully), and 108 on Saturday. Yes it's a dry heat...but it's like opening the oven when you're baking and you get hit in the face with that rush of hot air...only it doesn't go away and it surrounds your whole being! Needless to say I was very glad to get back to SoCal (where our highs have only been in the low 90s that I'm aware of).

Monday I got some pictures for a scrapbook I'm attempting (my first), but a couple didn't turn out so great. But that's ok, I'll reprint them local and they'll be fine.

Tuesday my Save The Dates came in!!! WOOHOO!! So that is my project for the weekend. I've been slowly stocking up on stamps for I'm about to drastically diminish my stash and must start again with many more than the original (for those RSVPs). Once I send them out I'll post one...that way there's no spoilers for those followers that are receiving one. :) I'm also trying to think of something to do to spruce up the plain white envelopes. A trip to JoAnn's is in the books for tonight.

Yesterday my fiance' and I spent the day with thousands of strangers - we went to Disneyland and California Adventure! Had a blast...stayed way later than planned...I'm suffering through the day because of it. But it was worth it and I'd totally do it again!! One of the things I love about having annual passes is there is no pressure to have a plan to your day. We've had trips where we've filled the days with rides (and the lines to go with them) and we've had days with only one or two rides. Yesterday was one of those days. We rode our usual: Pirates of the Caribbean (which now features Black Beard instead of Davey Jones). This is a staple ride for's not a day at Disney if we don't ride POTC. We also road the Haunted Mansion and the new Star Tours. Star Tours closed last year for a much needed renovation. They just re-opened in June as a 3D ride. There are over 50 possible "destinations" you can encounter on your ride. This time we joined in the pod races and a battle in space...all on one ride. So much fun! After Star Tours we took a trip down memory lane and walked through Sleeping Beauty's Castle (where Mr. S first said he loved me). Then off to lunch at ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. Upon our return (via The Grand Californian Hotel...there's an entrance to the hotel from Downtown Disney) we went to California Adventure (there's an entrance to CA from the hotel) where we rode my new favorite ride: Ariel's Undersea Adventure. :) We wandered around Paradise Pier (which was also recently updated) and wandered through some shops and such. Then, of all things, we went to a movie! LOL! Yup, there's a AMC Movie Theater in Downtown Disney and Mr. S and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens (AMAZING!). After the movie, which was a much needed break for our knees and feet from all the walking/standing, we headed back to California Adventure and into the Hollywood Pictures Backlot where they are currently holding ElecTRONica (the TRON event that's been going on since the movie's release last year) for Mr. S to visit Flynn's Arcade (if you know the movie you know what I'm talking about) for a while. As much as I am NOT a gamer girl, I did try my hand a few games...and lost. But it's so much fun. After that was dinner then, my favorite part, shopping!! We always save that for last so we don't have to lug around our bags. Our to stores we hit every time: D-Street (for my crack vinlymations) and World of Disney (think Disney Store at the mall, but about 100 times larger and more stuff).

After all that yesterday, I'm suffering through exhaustion today. One of the downsides of working from home...the bed in the other room calling my name because my body knows I didn't spend enough quality time with the pillow and blanket. Going to try to remedy that tonight!

Today and tomorrow's work relates to focusing on my trip next week. I leave for Minneapolis on Monday morning. Yes, I will be visiting the Mall of America while I'm there. I'm actually going to have some time to myself (away from my team for a change) and plan on doing some wedding for my ladies and other odds and ends that I'm not sure if I need yet or not! :)

Well, that's all I've got for now. Happy Thursday!



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