Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday's Through The Lense...on Friday

I had a picture all picked out yesterday and ready to go...and I still didn't post last night like I'd planned to. So with out further adieu...

The Disneyland Park Map Puzzle

Sorting all the "edge" pieces (which is a relatively loose term as
there are no straight edges...they're curved)

See!! Look at those curves...and the blank spaces!!

But it's done!! It took longer than it should have due to
my easily distracted nature. But this is the finished product!

Framed and hanging above the couch!!

I love to do puzzles...when I have the time. The only problem is I'll work like crazy at it for a couple days in a row...then leave it for a week or so. Then I'll come back one day, work on it some more, then leave again. That's what happened here until I finally sat down one day (two days before my parents came for a weekend visit) and finished it. And I think the only reason I did it then is because it was taking up all the table space! Had it not been for that, it probably still wouldn't be done. Yeah...that's how I roll!!


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