Monday, November 21, 2011

Post wedding week

I can't believe it's all over...the stress, the headaches, the freak outs (ok, there really weren't that many to be honest). But all the wedding hassle is over!!! And the only reason I don't miss any of it is because I can now focus on my favorite holiday...CHRISTMAS!!! I realize it's totally "band-wagon" of me to have Christmas as my favorite, but it really is. I mean, there's the obvious reason: Christ's birth. But, to me, it's one of the prettier holidays to decorate for and there are so many ways to do it: red, green, gold; blue, white, silver; black, white, silver; all white; all green; all red; red, green, white...and the list could go on. You just can't go wrong with color or style: country, fun, Suessical (yes, I've seen a Dr Suess tree and it was UH-MA-ZING), classical, Disney, Victorian Mickey (which is what will deck our "halls" this year thanks to a lovely gift from my in-laws before they were in-laws), and the list could go on (again).

Anyway...Christmas isn't the reason I'm posting this lovely Monday evening. I was going to update on all the fun from the last two weeks.

My parents came in a week early (which we have all agreed was about 3 days too early, even if was nice to have them). Unfortunately, I had to work Mon-Wed week of. Thursday we went shopping for last minute stuff: final flowers (just in case), favor stuff, ribbon, stuff for the kiddos in attendance. Friday was some cleaning and organizing - making sure I had all I needed. The that night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was surprisingly painless (really...I thought it'd be worse than it was). Dinner was fun as all the "kids" (bride, groom, bridal party, etc) sat at one table and the adults at the other. Some things never change...we were, as usual, the rowdy table! I love that I can pick up where I left off with my P'cola gang...and Mr. S fit right in!! Saturday I went with my MOH & BM to the mall for nails, toes, eyebrows, and shopping (ok, I was the only one to get all of the first three done, but we still had a good time). Then we did some lunch. I took them back to the hotel as they were coming over with a hubs and friend from out of town for the fight. Once home, more final details (I still had not done the seating chart!). Then the MOH and hubs, BM (who's hubs couldn't make the event), and the Sailor (another P'cola gang member) came over for food and fight night...and MOH, BM, and I quickly left for less violent endeavors: Barnes & Nobles!
*Before we left and before the fight got started, my aunt and her husband and my two cousins also joined us for a bit...then ventured out with M&D for an evening of catching up. It was so nice to see them, though, even if for a little bit. And I was told I was the calmest bride they'd ever seen!!

After the fight was over and the gang left and M&D were back, I started stressing over the seating chart. I had this amazing idea...and it worked about 90%. Close but no cigar...that last 10% would have made it perfect, but without it I couldn't use it. amazing fiance' (now husband!!) came to the rescue and created this:

Yup...he's pretty amazing!! That is my original project backing (a regular old canvas painted black) and he used the paper I'd used for the wishing tree (the branch surrounded by flowers in the center of the table) for the list of who's at what table and then used double sided tape to stick engagement photos around the edges. My husband is AMAZING!!! And he did it while I was in bed, passed out!

Morning of I head off with mom and all our decor loaded in the van...and our get my girls and their dresses so we can go get beautified. We met up with step-mom-in-law and little SIL (Jr BM) at the salon and had a great time getting our hair did! :) Then we headed for a QUICK bite to eat then off to Hearts Home Farm to quickly set up and then finish the beautification process in time for photos and 2:30 pm wedding start time. It got a little chaotic...especially after the groom showed up a half hour early and confined me to the dressing room...which actually turned out to be a good thing otherwise we would have started late!!

But the show went on as directed and without any issues (that I'm aware of). The music went perfectly as it should for the moms, the maids, and then me...there were no slip ups with the ceremony...the recessional music blew everyone away (Star Wars Episode IV from the awards scene at the end)...the receiving line was were a breeze and to reception music was awesome (Monday Night Football theme: da, da, da, daaaa) was one got the mic for toasts that wasn't supposed to and those that did get it did awesome...cake cutting was perfect (nope, no icing everywhere)...dancing was great...and the exit was perfect!!

Honeymoon was a couple days in Anaheim and two days at Disneyland and California Adventure. Perfect - not crowded, rode a lot of rides, stayed for the fireworks the last night, watched the Christmas parade, TONS of pictures that I still need to upload!!

Then back home on Wednesday via Fry's in Anaheim, where we splurged a little. We used our money on Thursday to supplement the registry items we needed/wanted but didn't get. Then we splurged at Best Buy some more. Friday I went back to work. The hubs went back Saturday while I took the weekend to find places to put all our new dishes and appliances and the wedding decor (there's been two FULL trips to the dumpster as Mr. S left for work on Sun & today and still more to stuff for donation). And we're almost back to the regular routine except I'm off Wednesday - Friday for Thanksgiving.

And there you have it...not in a nut shell! I'll get some pictures up as I can this week. Wedding pics won't be back till after Christmas sometime, but a lot of people took pictures and have posted some of FB. So that will have to tide you over for a bit...till I can really work at getting some of them uploaded that have been sent to me.

Hope you enjoyed reading.



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  1. Glad it all went well!
    Can't wait to see your professional pics.

    And- I still have some things left from the wedding that I don't know what to do with!!!