Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding week!!!

I can't believe that in less than 6 days I will be Mrs Ring!!! So freakin EXCITED!!!!

Mom and Dad came in yesterday. It's nice having them here...especially since mom likes to cook and has already planned meals for today and the next few days. Mr. S knows he is NOT marrying a Betty Crocker when he gets hitched to this chic! I think the redeeming factor here, besides the whole love thing, is that I do like to try new stuff from time to time and I can handle the basics.

I, unfortunately, worked today and will work tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm off after that until Thursday next week! Mr. S is off Friday through Friday (and tomorrow and Wednesday as his normal off days).

My Matron of Honor, B, comes in Thursday with her hubby. My bridesmaid, E, (sister of B) comes in Friday sans hubby (crummy work schedules!!). Friday night is rehearsal and dinner. Saturday B, E, and Me (yes, it's supposed "rhyme") will hang in the morning doing girly such stuff: nails, eyebrows, toes, etc. Saturday evening, once all the extended family arrives, will be some time with them since I only see them a few times every few years.

Sunday is the big day!!! Starts early with Mom, B, E, Me, and R (little SIL) heading to the salon for hair beautification. Venue by noon-thirty for some set up then dressing and painting of the faces (in reverse order, of course). CEREMONY AT 2:30!!! HOORAY!!

I was out of town last week in Minneapolis. The colors of the trees were amazing!! Probably one of the few things we don't get here in lovely here's one I can share with you:

Taken with the new iPhone 4s (thank you Mr. S) and edited with Instagram (LOVE this app).

I'll keep you posted, hopefully, with more updates this week as we get closer!!


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  1. Congratulations! can't wait to see photos on facebook!