Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday's Through The Lense

The day before Thanksgiving, the hubs & I & his brother headed to:

Can you say drool central?!?! So many lovely 4-wheel dreams to choose from...if only the wallets were deep enough. I thought I'd share some of the favorites from the day with my readers (this is the most photo's I've ever uploaded here!). Enjoy...and remember to wipe your chin!! :)

Let's start with my personal favorite: The Bentley

Followed by Mr.'s favorite: Aston Martin

Everyone's favorite "Bumblebee" was in the Chevrolet section. Here are the highlights (somehow I neglected a full pic):

(The language of the Primes on his spoiler)

Now, here is a car that I recently fell in love with. I have actually seen two of these on the SoCal highways in the last few weeks. I give you the Porsche Panamera GTS:

And now for a few random cars.
The Scion Concept for this year:

The Hot Wheels Camero, complete with ramp:

And there you have it. We had such a great time. We even tried on a few vehicles: the Toyota Prius (Mr has an hour drive to and from work 5 days a week and this might be a good way to save some $$ on fuel); a Chevrolet Silverado; a Chevrolet Traverse; and a Nissan Titan. Ok, ok...I confess...I tried on the last three. What can I say, I'm a truck girl at heart!!



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