Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters



Dear Self,
   Please stop buying all the crafting supplies for the wreaths. You have enough. Now, start wreathing!

Dear California Drivers,
   When going UP a hill, you use the pedal on the right. When going DOWN the hill, you don't touch either pedal. There is no reason for traffic to come to a COMPLETE STOP because you don't know what pedal to use going UP the hill.

Dear Disneyland,
   One day, two sleeps.  Soon!!

Dear Mr. S (aka, husband),
   I'm looking forward to Disneyland! It's been too long. Can we work on the frequency of visits?

Dear Weather,
   Thank you for not being triple digits like Phoenix last week. But can we keep toning it down...say about 10-12 more degrees? 75-80 is a good range!

Dear School work,
   Why can't you do yourself?


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