Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey, Y'all!

I'm sure you've noticed my absence. Sorry about that! I just have a lot on my plate right now - September and October are always busy months for my job. But I haven't forgotten about y'all!

As you've noticed, there is a change taking place here. I'm trying out a new project - creating my own blog background!! Until then, you get gray!

I've also stepped into a new business venture, but I'll get you more of that this week. It'll play into my new blog design, if all goes according to plan!

I'm going to try to pick up my usual link ups this week - So What Wednesday and Nail Files on Friday. I got my Julep box today and am excited to play with the new colors. And, since I'm home next week too (shock of all shocks), I hope to back in full swing by next week so I can get back to keeping y'all smiling with my stories!

Until then...hugs....

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