Friday, February 7, 2014

The Nail Files - Shiny Simplicity

Due to the amount of packing I'm supposed to be doing, I've kept my nails simple since last week (hence, no post last week).

But I got my Julep box on Saturday and had to share the goods!!

I opted for my usual, Classic with a Twist and got Greta, a pink shimmer, and Octavia, a royal/navy blue creme.  As a special plus to everyone (I think), I also got a glitter polish called Love.  Gold glitter with pink flecks in a clear base. But, like my Essie's On A Silver Platter, it could easily be worn without a base color and have good coverage.

Here's what they look like (sorry for bad lighting):
One coat of Greta with one coat of Love on ring finger.

One coat of Octavia with one coat of Essie's On a Silver Platter on the ring finger.

I considered leaving my nails this way though the on one finger and blue on the other. Until I remembered I'd be with my in-laws for the Super Bowl and the last thing I needed were questions on if I was preggers or not and when (I get enough of that as it is...I don't want to rattle the cage of the beast). So I opted for Greta with Love until it peeled enough throughout the week for me to just remove it all together.

My nails have been plain since. I think they needed a break...but it won't last long, knowing me.

Happy Friday, everyone!

And, as always, come show off your manicures (and pedicures) with the rest of us polish junkies!!

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  1. I love the look of On A Silver Platter on top of the blue polish. Great combo!

    aka Bailey

  2. Looks great! I received Love in this months box! Check out my box review!

  3. Ooooo!! Octavia is FAB!! And I love the glitter feature, too. I'm so happy that we're done packing and unpacking from our move in December as chipped polish is the worst! I hope your move goes smoothly! :)

  4. I love the glitters, and navy is always a favorite of mine too. It's just so classy! Good luck with the move!