Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beauty in Change

With the move coming up, I've had a lot going through my mind about our new place.  If you've been following along (and if I mentioned it), we're downsizing from a 2 bed/bath to a 1 bed/bath apartment for the next 13 months.  The plan is to use the money we're saving to pay off some debt, save towards a down payment on a house, and make our credit look better for the future house hunt.

But we have a lot of stuff. And we're going from a fairly larger than normal 2 bed/bath to 725 square feet.  Yeah, tiny!  And I've been stressing a little bit (read, a lot) about where all our stuff is going to fit while we're not using it.  And it's small...did I mention it's small?

Yesterday, though, I was reminded that I need to look at the good in this (by, ironically enough, a fire truck outside).

Which leads to my first good point:

1.  We are no long located on the major road! (The complex is, obviously, but our apartment is in a row and not facing the main entrance or main road out there.)  No more road noises at all hours of the day.  No more wailing sirens at all hours of the day (Cause SoCal drivers be crazy!)!

2.  No more stairs!! We'll be in a downstairs unit.

3.  No more American Idol wannabe below us with her thumping music.

4.  A larger kitchen space.  Ironically enough, despite being a smaller size as a whole, the new place has a larger kitchen area.

5.  No more sliding glass door on the shower (I am not a fan...I prefer the normal shower curtains).

6.  Finally organizing stuff that I've needed to organize and sort though for the past two years.  Having to pack stuff up for storage has made me realize there are a lot of things I don't need to keep. I'm finally going through all the stuff I've accumulated over the past three years of being in our current place.

While I'm still nervous going into this, especially the small closet in the bedroom, I'm also very excited about this new chapter in our lives.  It will definitely be an adventure!



  1. Sometimes I wish I were forced to do that so I could get rid of crap and simplify my life. But only sometimes :)
    I thin about how cool Ikea makes tiny spaces look. So modern and minimalist. Then I think about how the closet they show is only like 24 inches wide. Your whole wardrobe would need to fit into the space of a suitcase! Whoa!

  2. This part of it is the worst part: the anticipation. I promise you when you get into the new place you'll think to yourself "oh, this is home." It just happens naturally. The stuff will find a place and you'll settle right in. I understand the anticipation stress though. You have the right idea of focusing on the positives! It's an adventure! And you'll make it great!