Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day - 2014

Mr S and I don't typically go all out for Valentine's Day. I probably has to do with the fact that our dating anniversary falls on the day before, Feb 13. And we're both usually working (unless it falls on the weekend).

This year was no different. Thursday, Feb 13 was our 5 years together mark! But, alas, Mr S is in Idaho for work. So no celebration was to be had. I, however, took myself to sushi for dinner. And Mr S was kind enough to send me a lovely boquet of my favorite flowers:  Tulips!!

Friday, however, there wasn't much hooplah. The obligatory "Happy Valentine's Day" texts, and that's about it.

However, I paid the final payment, got the keys, and did the walk through to our new place yesterday morning. And I treated myself to Chick-fil-a breakfast. But that was the extent of the celebrating.

Today, however, Mr S comes home. There will be plenty of celebrating, if you know what I mean (bow chicka wow wow!!)!!

And then back to the real world of adults, for a day at least, as we attempt to do some moving tomorrow.  Probably some of the little least that's what Mr S says. Put in what we need first so we can see what we have left over for storage...that's my preference. Besides, the sooner we've got the big stuff there the sooner we can start "living" there. And I don't have to wake to critters over my head in the attic!

Then, Monday...oh how I can't wait for Monday!! We're heading to Disneyland! Renewing our passes (our anniversary/valentine's day gift to each other) and then spending the day in the happiest place on earth. I can't wait! This will be our anniversary/valentine's celebration.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's weekend!

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