Friday, May 23, 2014

The Nail Files - Marble Mani

I have been wanting to try the marble technique for quite some time. Well, the other night afforded me the opportunity while Mr S went out with friends from high school.

The basic idea is dropping colors into a glass of water. They don't break through the top layer on the water (well, some do, but that's okay too), but the color spreads out to fill the surface area (I used a plastic cup). Drop a varying amount of the colors. Then run a toothpick lightly through to swirl. Once swirled to your liking, dip your finger in the colors. Try not to break through the water (if you can. I don't know that it's a big deal if you do other than more water than necessary gets on your nail and may get under the polish). Clean the excess off around the nail. To clean out the water, simply swirl the toothpick around and it will pick up all the color and you can start again. This is one of many links out there with a little more detail and pictures.

Here are the colors I used:
The three mini's are Essie:  Under Where?, In The Cabana, and First Timer. Wet & Wild's French White Creme. And Orly's Shine On You Crazy Diamond (in place of a top coat).

Here's the messy look...and I do mean messy!!

Thankfully it's easy to clean off the nails:


I think the marbling look came out a little better on the left hand, but I'd had a little more practice by then. You can't really see it, but the Orly is a holo, small glitter that added a nice touch in the right light.

This was, surprisingly, easy to do. And I could see myself doing this some other time. It also stuck around for more than one day, which was nice. I think it started noticeably peeling on day 3. I'm okay with that!

As usual, I'm joining with the rest of the gang at:

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Come show off your fingers with the rest of us!

Happy Friday!


  1. You are so brave tackling a marble mani!! It came out awesome!

    aka Bailey

  2. Oh my! This turned out amazing!! I've tried the marble mani before and it never works out. *wipes tear* Haha! Awesome job!!