Thursday, July 10, 2014

Changes in the S&S home...carport

This change has been a long time coming!

When I moved to California over 5 years ago, I was in this little love:

 (minus the plethora of scratches you see on doors...those came thanks to inconsiderate neighbors in my first apartment here in CA)

This is Baby. Yes, I know, kind of a dumb name for a car. But it's what I started calling her in Florida and it kind of stuck. She (oh, yes, my car was a she...and a very temperamental one in her old age) is a 2000 Chevy Malibu who's been with me since 2002 and 43,000 miles.

This year she turned 14 and 217,000 + miles. And she started being more temperamental than usual. While she did have an engine that was only 4 years old, that wasn't helping the rest of her old parts. And, with a heavy heart and a few tears (hey...12 years and 174,000 miles is a lot of memories), I said good-bye to her two weeks ago.

Here is the new addition to our family:
Meet The TARDIS! She (because if you know your Doctor Who you know The TARDIS is a lady) is a brand new Nissan Versa Note. She's a little sporty and a little responsible all rolled into one cute package. She's pretty roomy inside (Mr S and his 6'1" frame can sit in the back seat with the front seat all the way back and have a quarter of an inch between his knees and the back of the front seat) despite how small she is.

She's going to be the main car Mr S drives, but I have her until I've master driving The Black (as I call the car Mr S brought into this relationship). The Black is manual, or stick shift, and I'm still working on getting that under my belt. So I have The TARDIS, for now. But ultimately she will be my husbands for his commute to and from work.

*Side note:  The Black will be renamed...eventually. Probably once it's mine and I can figure out if it's a boy car or a girl car. I'm leaning towards male...but no idea yet. I've not spent enough time behind the wheel.

**Side note #2:  You may think I'm crazy naming cars and calling them by a specific gender. But I'm not. So there!  :)

And that, my friends, is the latest in the land of S&S

***Side note #3:  Mr S and I actually do have the same first initials.

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