Friday, July 11, 2014

The Nail Files

I have not been ambitious to try anything new on my nails lately, regarding nail art and getting all crazy with the colors. Even my 4th of July mani was seriously lacking:  Red, White, and Blue...but one color on each nail. Blah....

However, I redeemed myself (in my eyes) with my pedicure (which could by why I didn't go crazy on my finger nails...I'd already gone crazy on the toes):
I don't remember the names of the colors, but the red and blue are both by Finger Paints. The white is a one of my nail art polishes. And the "Stars" are stickers I've had FOREVER and decided to use instead of attempting actual stars.

And this week, I tried a new polish I've had for a bit: 
It's part of the Carrie Underwood Collection for Nicole by OPI. This one is called Southern Charm. What you're seeing is two coats. It's a little thin, but may look better with something over top. I'm definitely not a fan of it solo. I'll have to play around with it some more before I figure out if I like enough or not.

Well, that's all for this week. Once again, I'm joining in with the fun of

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

Come show off your nails with the rest of us!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my gosh, the toenails are SO cute! Love that idea!

  2. Cute nails! I love the colors!

    Lillies & Silk

  3. Hmmm…not sure about that nude, but I love your festive toes! So cute!