Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jewel Heist Letdown

A few weeks ago (not sure when, exactly) Julep released a new mystery box:

Now I realize that by ordering a mystery box I am taking my chances on what I'll get. I've ordered mystery boxes from Julep before. I also know that if you order multiple boxes, things may overlap (not an issue here, I only ordered one). The description was:  "packed with $100+ worth of mystery nail polishes and beauty must-haves..." Now I realize this says nothing about getting a glitter polish of any sort. However, based on the picture, I (and quite a few others, based on other reviews I found) was expecting at least one glitter.

Nope! Nada!

I did get a shimmer or two, but those don't really count, do they? They're not full-on glitters. And they are definitely the birthday polishes shown in the add picture.

So here is what I did get:
In the box, you can't really see what's what...the black box is the pink lip color below.

Padma, Nadia, Francis, Faye, & Lip Vernis in Peony, plus an overnight repair for hands kit.

Now, I have not done the research myself, except for Nadia, but other have stated that a lot of these items are on sale/clearance on the Julep website. Some have also said that the Lip Vernis is from two years ago. Others even got boxes with only one nail polish. While Julep looks at the original retail value of the products in the box, Zadidoll did a great breakdown (and review) of the box here (she got TWO boxes just like mine).

All in all, I am a little disappointed in my box. Technically the colors are considered Jewel Tones (Googled "Jewel Tones" to make sure), the advertisements for this box led a lot of people to think they would get at least one glitter polish of some sort. And while I may use the green (Francis) for nail art, I will probably only get any use out of Padma (purple). The lip gloss is too light for me. And as helpful as I'm sure the hand repair kit would be, I can pretty much guarantee I won't use it (I am horribly inconsistent when it comes to these things).

My question to you...did you order the Jewel Heist Mystery Box? What did you get? And do you like it?

Oh well....

It's Thursday, y'all! The weekend is right around the corner! WOOHOO!!


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