Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In other news

So I've been in a bit of a book slump this month. I guess reading eleven books in one month will do that for ya. It's not like I don't have anything to read!! I started two books after number 11 last month, but they kind of went no where. And it's not that they weren't interesting...it just wasn't happening. But, thanks to the purchase of a new book, I think I'm back in the "game". I got Private, by James Patterson, yesterday in the airport. It intrigued me and so I thought I'd try it. Maybe because it's fairly easy reading, maybe because it doesn't require a lot of thought to follow the story, or maybe because I'm a bit bore in Indy...I finished it about an hour ago. It's 400 pages. And, thanks to a Borders around the corner from the hotel closing, I also have four new books (to add to the 5-7 at home) to read!

Confession: I dropped my Social Psychology course the other day. I turned in my first three assignments (of 8) three days late (each) and two weren't even completed. There really wasn't any way I was pulling that grade out of the dumpster it took a dive into. And, after finding out I made a D on the last two, I figured it was best this term. I'm in Indy this week, DC next, and two weeks after that I'll be in Atlanta. That's three out of four weeks I'm gone...where am I going to find the time to read 2 chapters a week, do a 64 question quiz, and pull a 4-7 page paper out of no where?? Yeah...so that's why I dropped it. I'm not happy about it, but at least it won't affect my already dying GPA.

Speaking of being gone three of the next four weeks...how is one supposed to plan a wedding when one travels for work??? If we take an October date (which is what I'm hoping for), that give me at least six full months to plan...so about 24 weeks. Of those 24 weeks, I will be out of town for 9 of them. That's really not a lot and I know it can be done. But it stresses me out more than just a little bit. I have four bridal/wedding magazines (obsession) and a wedding book I just bought (about planning a dream wedding for $5 grand or less). I'm looking forward to delving into that one. :)

Speaking of traveling...any idea how hard it is to eat right when you're on the go?!? I think I'm going to have start packing food in my suitcase! Maybe our hotel in DC will have a fridge in the room and I'll stock up some fruits or something.



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