Friday, July 13, 2012

Nail Files - Week 28

Once again, I'm joining with Tara and Vicki for:

This week, I went a slightly different route:

Press Ons!!!  How completely old school, right?!  But it was a quick fix after I broke 4 nails during my travel adventures on Monday (and by travel adventures, I mean hauling my heavy luggage around and loading/unloading it).  These pictures were taken Tuesday morning, about an hour after I applied. As of today, these babies are still on 9 out of 10 nails (my right index came off last night).

Application wasn't perfect...a couple are a little bigger than the nail. But for the most part they all fit nicely and comfortably. And they've lasted, which is the more important part. They actually make me miss salon-done fakes. So I'll stick to these when I feel the need for acrylic nails. 

What are you doing with your finger tips this weekend? Come on over and show them off!!


  1. they look great!! thanks for linking up!

  2. oh wow I didn't notice they were press-ons :p

  3. I'm wearing black (real) nails this week too. I wish I could wear fake nails sometimes but I have to wear gloves at work so I have to keep them short :(