Monday, December 31, 2012

A year in review

I had high hopes for 2012. Unfortunately, I can't say that I accomplished much this year. I'd love to say that I lost the weight I wanted to or that I am no officially out of debt. But those just aren't things I can say. Which means you get to hear them as goals again for 2013.

Mr S and I decided last week that we would stay in our apartment for another year. While I long to have a house of my own to do with as I please, I am okay with this decision. We are not, financially, where we would like to be. A house is such a huge step for anyone that we want to be a little more financially stable before we make that leap. Mr S has done a FANTASTIC job getting his debt reduced. I, on the other hand, haven't done so great. I can brag that I did reduce my debt by about 25%! But it's not quite enough, in my mind. This is one of my biggest goals this year.

Two weeks ago I put in to be re-evaluated for a different degree plan. I want to make myself more marketable, should I ever leave my current position, and decided that a BS in Business with a Marketing concentration would be a good option. I got my evaluation back last week and I have 54 credits (18 classes) to complete my Bachelor's degree. I'm excited about this, but it also a goal that will take longer than the debt reduction. Because of my travel schedule for work and other personal obligations, I've only been able to take once class at a time every 8-10 weeks. If I continue this route, it'll take me over three years to complete. I am okay with that time frame, but I would also like to speed things up a bit. So I may double up, when I feel like I can.

And my final goal, the one that is the most popular among goal setters, is to lose weight. Let's just break it down and be honest with each other. I weighed in yesterday at 248.7 pounds!! I am not a happy camper! That is over 15 pounds more than when I got married in 2011. That is 50 pounds more than when I moved to California at the end of 2008. And that is almost 100 pounds more than what I weighed when I graduated high school in 1997! (I wish I could talk to my high school self and tell her that she needs to be careful and that she's not fat and to value herself where she is and work to stay that way.) So I bought a new scale the other day (it measures the tenth) and I bought a new blender (for smoothies and such). I'm signing back up for Weight Watchers. I'm going to work on a better grocery list for future meals. I'm going to pick the brains of my friends who are on, or have been on, WW for recipes that are husband friendly. I've already started going to the fitness center on site with my husband, so I'm going to keep that up. We got an Xbox with Kinect a couple weeks ago and I've been trying my talent level at Dance Central. While it may not seem like much, anything that is physically challenging over a period of time and makes me work up a sweat will be counted as exercise (until it is no longer a challenge). And when I'm on the road, I'm going to do my best to book hotels with fitness rooms (at least a treadmill or elliptical) and find restaurants with dieter friendly menus. I'm not looking to be the weight I was in high school. I am, however, looking to drop around 50 pounds. And I am also looking to be more healthy, in general.

While I do plan to still post fun stuff here, like So What Wednesday and Nail Files on Fridays (provided those link ups continue into 2013), I'm also going to be adding some personal updates. I haven't decided how it will be formatted yet, but I think Monday will be my weekly update on all things weight loss related - what my weigh in is, what amount and kind of exercise I did, maybe a food journal from the past week, and possible a favorite recipe of the week (if there was one).

So it's on to a new year and new goals and new adventures. I hope 2012 was all you ever wanted and I pray that 2013 is full of even more great and wonderful things for each of you.



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