Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

So What if:

* I didn't do my weigh in post on Monday. For those that follow me, I gained 1.7.  Not overly thrilled, but it's partly my fault (lack of tracking, three alcoholic drinks Saturday night, and no healthy food all weekend).

* I'm starting to fade on the "diet". But I need to stay at it because I need to get healthy and get the weight off.

* This is a week of no motivation. I'll get there, eventually.

* I have about five things started/planned/shopped for to do around the house since last week and I've not finished any of them. Lack of motivation, remember?

* I still haven't found a job. It's only been two and half weeks. Thankfully, though, I've had a couple interviews...just nothing beyond that, yet. It's out there, somewhere.

* I actually kind of miss traveling! I don't know if it's the actual traveling I miss or the fact that traveling meant I had a job.

* I grossed myself out by looking at the Fiery Calimari last night. I still ate it. I just need to remember not to take my food apart to see what it looks like or how it's prepared.

* Aside from the not getting paid part, I'm kind of enjoying not working right now. It's like a vacation!

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