Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Moving and Packing, Packing and Moving

My list continues to grow. With every one thing I mark off, two more pop up. Seriously, what's up with that?!

I think downsizing is what's making it a little more difficult. If we were just moving to a same size apartment, or a house, it wouldn't be this way. I could just pack stuff up a week before and toss it in a room to at the new place to sort though later. We don't have that luxury this time.

I've already emptied three shelves of a 5-shelf unit (boxed for storage, that is). I've boxed for storage our DVD collection. Just the DVDs. We still have a 4-shelf unit of blu-ray and xbox games. That one won't get boxed as those are the ones we usually seldom never watch (it's the ones we go to when we actually watch a movie that isn't on cable or Netflix or Amazon Prime or HBO Go).

And, my latest accomplishment, I've boxed up my important papers.

I am a recipt/bill/paper pack-rat. I keep all my important papers throughout the year in a drawer in my office. At the end of the year, I empty it into a bag/box/large envelope (to sort though at some point) and start fresh in the same drawer for the new year. My goal is to sort through the previous year and get rid of receipts I no longer need, random papers that got tossed in there, forms I filled out for work but don't need to keep anymore, etc. Of the five years worth of papers I went through the other night, only one year was already sorted and toned down to essentials. That's how "great" I am at the sorting part.

What are the essentials? Car tag paper work, bills that were paid (mainly medical stuff), bank statements (still in the envelopes they came in), some water bills (also still in the envelopes), paperwork from new accounts, etc. I also ran across my wedding folder from 2011...I kept it all!

I'm glad we have our own shredder now...cause I filled that puppy UP! I even emptied it BEFORE I started shredding stuff! I think I filled a 13 gallon trash bag with receipts to trash and shredding bits. Confetti, anyone?

I still need to do so much:  the spare room closet, the spare room storage, the stuff under the bed in the spare room, the last two shelves of the 5-er, the 3-shelf unit in the living room, the hall closets, under the bathroom sinks, and my closet.

I did get some more boxes...the banker boxes. I thought those would be good for books and magazines. That way they don't get too heavy and there are handles to carry them.

It's just A LOT to do!

But then, anyone who has ever had to move knows what it's like!

 Happy Wednesday, y'all!! 

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  1. Yikes!! Good luck! It'll all be over soon enough!!