Saturday, November 1, 2014

Let's Talk About Make Up

I am a very simple girl when it comes to my make up routine.

1. Lotion with SPF 15
2. Pressed Powder - Cover Girl's Simply Powder Foundation
3. Blush - TheBalm's Hot Mama or a Cover Girl Classic Blush
4. Mascara - Cover Girls' Last Blast Fusion
5. Chapstick


Every now and then I will add some eye shadow - usually from Cover Girl. And even more rare than eye shadow is lipstick. I mean, I kiss Mr S pretty frequently (that whole love and marriage thing) and Bamboo Pink by Clinique is just not his color!



I LOVE make up! I know...weird.

I have a massive stash that I do break into for special occasions. Eye shadows, eye liners, other mascaras, lipsticks, foundation, etc. I have it all...but rarely use any of it.

I have two eye shadow palettes that I love:

But, like everything else, I rarely use them. In fact, I bought the Smashbox Blue Eyes in 2011 to use for my wedding. I'm sure it's time to get rid of the, but these babies were expensive and I'm not parting with them anytime soon! 

Anyway, that brings me to the reason for my post:

Thank you JCPenney, Sephora, and Too Faced for making this AH-MAZING make up gift box! This little beauty, the La Belle Carousel, comes with eye shadows, blushes, bronzers (that I have NO idea how to use), and their bestseller - Better Than Sex Mascara (more on that later). All for the low, low price of $49!

Seriously, that's a deal. No, really, it is. (If I keep telling myself that maybe I'll justify buying it...if it's not gone...which it's's on Sephora's website).

I want this...pretty much more than I've ever wanted any other make up thing in my life. Which is so WEIRD for me!! And not in a "I'll ask Mr S for it for Christmas" kind of way either.

This. Must. Be. In. My. Life. NOW!

Ok, my crazy desire for this has diminished some now. You may carry on with your normal activities and leave me to my drool covered desk.

*fyi - if anything is better than sex, you're doing sex wrong.

Cheers, dolls!

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