Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lateness for the Friday and Sunday stuff

Hi....sorry I'm late! LOL!! I've been out of town since Wednesday of last week and I wasn't sure what kind, if any, of internet access I'd have while in Michigan so I left my lapper at home. But here's the catch-up for Friday's Fill-In and the Stealing Sunday Meme. :)



*writing this as if I'd done it on time on Friday*

1. Music calms me down and makes my day so much better.

2. Coffee and being left alone is what I like first thing in the morning.

3. The first thing I said this morning was: who want's the first shower (I think...I don't remember the first thing I said Fri morning while I was in Michigan)

4. Pizza; it's what's for dinner tonight.

5. It's all been a fun and interesting time!

6. Sleeping is what I feel like doing right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to hanging with the other bridesmaids in the condo, tomorrow my plans include Elise & Reuben's wedding then reception and Sunday, I want to sleep...but I'm going home, so I'll sleep on the plane!


Crafty 50 Meme - Part II

26. What do you normally smell like?

Not sure...fav lotion/perfume is Japanese Cherry Blossom, though

27. Do you like Carrie Underwood?


28. Been to “The Vegas”?

A couple times

29. How far away do you live from your parents?

7 hour drive

30. Are you happy with your job?

not right now...they owe me mileage money!!!

31. Where do you work and what do you do there?

Sorry...can't put that here...too public. But I can't tell ya I'm an admission's counselor for a college.

32. What did you get in the mail today?

haven't checked yet...but I'm hoping for a reimbursement check from work!

33. How do you like your steak cooked?


34. Britney Spears…is she back?


35. What do you usually order at Taco Bell?

chalupa or crunch wrap supreme

36. Have you ever sat all the way through Gone With the Wind?

no...not yet. I've seen the whole thing, but at different intervals at different times

37. Have you ever been to Mt Rushmore?

no...it's on the list, though

38. Is it just me, or was The Marine (w/John Cena) a really horrible movie?

no...it wasn't that great

39. Are surveys like the cocaine of myspace?


40. Where is your favorite place (that you have actually been to)?

Disneyland, if we're talking attractions. Not sure about anything else.

41. What is your favorite candle scent?

Spiced pumpkin...which is odd because I don't like pumpkin pie

42. Do you believe places can really be haunted?


43. Do you smoke cigarettes?


44. Have you ever been to NYC or LA?

yes to both

45. How many states have you been to where all you saw was the airport?

a lot!!!

46. Do you think 50 questions is enough?

yeah, why not

47. Are you currently planning a trip?

yes...hopefully Vegas in Nov. If not, than AZ in December

48. Is Ryan Seacrest gay? Should anyone care?

don't think so...don't really care

49. Do you take anti-depressants? Sleeping pills?

no to both

50. What do you think about space travel?

interesting concept...still not sure if it's real or just a conspiracy.


Alright. There is the Fri & Sun stuff. I'll get Monday's Mug up later today, along with an update from life.


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