Friday, August 6, 2010

What a week!!

Ah...the joys of simple blogging. Something I've not been able to really do since starting this page. Where to about last week?


Monday (the 26th): I had an education fair on the USS Makin Island down on Naval Base San Diego (aka 32nd street). My day consisted of waiting...and waiting...and waiting. And when that was over...I got to wait some more!! But the ed fair itself was good for me...I had a lot of interest, so it was worth it. When it was over, I headed straight to the hair dress. I am now auburn haired!! Which is great cause it really makes my eyes pop!! I love it!! And, last (but NEVER least), it was Stephen's birthday. But since we both had to work, we celebrated at Disney the day before.

Tuesday: summed up in two words - cleaning & errands. Why? Because my parents were flying in on Wednesday and I wanted my place to be as clean as possible. That really didn't go so well and I ended up doing most of the cleaning before heading to pick them up Wednesday. But I did get groceries bought and some stuff taken care of.

Wednesday: more cleaning. Then Stephen and I went to get the parents. And that's where the "fun" started. Half way to San Diego, the car started making this awful knocking noise. Thankfully we made it to the airport, dinner, and back.

Thursday: continuation of drama from Wed - took the car to the shop. Basically needed a new engine for $2900. And they kept my car all weekend. So I borrowed Chris's van (Stephen's brother) to drive around some...but not much.

After that, things pretty much run together. Unfortunately we weren't able to do all the fun stuff we planned with my parents due to the sudden drop in cash availability. But I think they still had fun. They flew back to AZ on the 3rd and I went back to work on the 4th.

And now it's Friday! Tomorrow consists of some quality time with Mr Sunshine. Followed by some QT with my love! :) Looking forward to just us two for a day or two. Monday and Tuesday will be back to the daily grind. And then Wednesday I fly to Michigan for Els's wedding! All but one of the old gang will be there and I'm so excited to see everyone!! It'll be great fun!

I may not have access to Internet to do my Friday fill in next week...and even if I do have access, Friday is the rehearsal. but I'll definitely fill my readers in on the details once I return. And I hope to have some pictures too.

Till then....


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