Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday...or something like that

I am not a morning person...ever! I am a night owl at heart. But last night...I was in bed before 9 pm!! That is most odd for me. And I fought it, too. But Mr. S told me not to fight it...he's so sweet that way. I really wanted to stay up with him for another hour or so (also knowing that if I went to sleep before 10 I'd have a headache in the morning). But I just couldn't fight my eyelids anymore! So I finished the last few pages of my book (The Princess by Lori Wick) and drifted off to dreamland.

Unfortunately, I was right about the headache. My body doesn't process excess sleep very well. I can be completely exhausted and go to bed early, like last night, and get a lot of sleep to reenergize my body...but I'll wake up with a headache, and not feeling very energized. Basically, if I get more than eight hours of sleep, I'm still miserable. Mr S was kind enough to bring me some Aleve, 3 of them, this morning before I was up. And now, with coffee coursing through my veins, I'm feel a little bit better. But there may be some more medicinal remedies in my future before the day gets fully underway.

In other news: Hooray for the Packers winning last night!!! I'm so tired of the was nice to see a different team win the Super Bowl for a change.

I made my decision for the iTunes gift card money I have left. I decided to re-read some of my books and hold onto that balance for a bit. I've got plenty to read, so it's not like I'm missing anything. However, on the flip side of that, it's a lot easier to have the book on the iPod when I travel (like I will be this week and next) than to have one more thing to pack in the backback or suitecase. So I may buy one before I leave Weds morning, or I may just suck it up and take a paperback with me. Oh decisions, decisions...why must you be so difficult to make!?

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