Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So What Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!!

So What Wednesday

So What If:

* I have lost all motivation to work today. Unfortunately, I am still plugging away (except for the break to write this).

* There are so many things going on in the background right now that it's hard to keep quiet about them. But nothing is final...or even in the start process. It's all talk right now so there is nothing to really talk about.

* I completely confused everyone with that last one. You're welcome!

* I am LOVING this cooler, fall weather! We've had the windows upon the last few days. And I was even under a blanket while watching TV last night.

* I am going to have to invest in some hot chocolate or apple spice cider. I love this time of year!

* I have so much to do after work today, part of me wants to leave now so I can get it done.

* I still have that pile of craft stuff to work on. It's getting done, SLOWLY, one thing at a time.

* I still haven't told y'all about my new adventure. Sorry! I know you're waiting patiently. I'll get to it...eventually.

* I still haven't put my background to how I want it. I'm still trying to find one I like.

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!


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