Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Full Day Away

Yesterday I took Mr S to the airport. He was headed to Idaho for a month.

A Whole Month!!

Now, I did sanction this trip (AKA...he asked me if I would be okay with him being gone that long before he committed to it).

But still...

What's really weird is that I'm usually a loner, anyway. I'm just used to having him around...to come home to, to share a bed with, to fight over the TV with.

Today was the first full day with out him. Honestly, it's all good. Nothing exciting happened.

And, to be honest, this isn't the first time we've been apart this long. He did a work trip last year for just as long. But I was able to go spend some time with him for the half of the first week, so it didn't seem so long. Finances won't allow that this time around.

Thankfully, since we're also moving next month (the week after he comes home we start the process), I have something to focus my time and energy on  while he's gone. The plan is to have all the non-essential stuff packed up and ready to go.

We'll see how accomplished that plan is come February 13!



  1. Oh, man. I went though something similar last year. My husband got a new job and had to move quickly while I stayed behind until our lease was up. 5 months. It wasn't far though so we were at least able to still see each other. I hope the month passes quickly and your move goes smoothly!!! The one plus is never having to give up the remote!! I watched a LOT of the bachelor last winter haha!

    1. Wow...5 months!! I don't know if I could do that. But, then again, when you have no choice, you do what you have to do!

      It has been very nice not sharing the remote...I watched some of my Bravo TV guilty pleasures last night and my HGTV shows today with no commentary! Thankfully, we'll both be busy during the days apart, so hopefully that will make the time go by more quickly!