Monday, January 17, 2011

Books and such

Finished Grave Secrets over the weekend. Started Angelology on Friday of last week. It's a audio book. Very interesting!

I've done the audible subscription off and on last year, mainly off...only on when there was a good deal. Like the last time when I got two credits for free if I did a 30 day trial. That's who I got Angelology and Life of Pi through. Anyway, I'm thinking of doing it again, but actually keeping the subscription this time. It's nice to have the background noise as I work. And I'm actually enjoying the stories and such. We'll's about $15 a month for one credit, which buys one book. Not really sure it's worth it as the local library has a really great selection. I just haven't been to the library in a while.

Something to ponder...

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