Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursdays' Thru The Lense

I have to admit, aside from the street and Abbot's parking lot, we've got a pretty sweet view from the windows of our apartment: 

And, with my new camera, I can zoom enough were you really can't see most of the "eye-sores" (with the exception of a few power/light poles).

One of my favorites to watch, when conditions are right, is the marine layer coming in.  It looks like smoke drifting over the hill tops (this is rare to see it this low).  It's so cool to watch!!

Or sometimes it just looks like another hill/mountain has sprung up behind the one that's already there.  :)



  1. Pretty. Is that Abbot as in the big medical supply company?

    1. That is the one! They have two office buildings right across the street from us (one that isn't used yet) and then another huge building across the street on the other side.