Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday - a look at the week ahead

I'm still playing with a catching title for my Monday posts.  The plan is for the post to be a bit of a look at the weekend adventures that just occurred and a look at what the plan is for the coming days.  I'm open to suggestions!! 

I'm sure you noticed (all 8 of you) that I was MIA last week with postings.  That's what happens when a crazy work schedule (aka, conference) interferes with normal crazy schedule (aka, general travel).  I was in San Diego for three days last week for a conference that the university I work for was a vendor at.  The days weren't as long as some others I've participated in, but when I'm around other co-workers and my boss it kind of throws the days for a scheduling loop.  The conference itself is pretty schedule friendly:  11-5 for two days and 10-2 for the last day.  It's the after hours events that wreck havoc!  But it's always so much fun!  I get to see people I normally only see once a year (I work out of my apartment here in sometimes-sunny SoCal and the main office is in South Alabama).  Depending on who it is, there is usually a good time to be had by all.  This time around was no different.  Tuesday I went to dinner with two ladies I work with and we had a great time.  Wednesday I was at dinner with my booth co-worker, our boss, the manager of our special programs team, and two famous people (more on that in a another post later).  And then Thursday the conference ended, so I headed home after break-down of the booth space.  We met about 10 of our students.  I met a lot of people I've had email contact with over the last three months, so it was nice to finally put a face to a name/email address.  And we met some great new folks too. 

After that, the Mr and I kept the weekend pretty low key.  These events tend to wear me out, so I usually take the weekend to recoup.  This weekend was no exception.  Saturday we ventured out and went to eat at Lazy Dog Cafe then took a loop or two around the mall.  I drug Mr S in to Charming Charlies and found some great ideas for hair clips to make my long do dolled up (I'm trying to decide if I want to try to make them from scratch or just buy them).  While we were at the mall, we also ventured into Game Stop.  The hubs began toying with the idea of getting a Nintendo 3DS.  While we mulled it over, we went to see "This Means War" (funny stuff).  After the movie we decided to find out what Game Stop would give us for our old DS and some old Apple electronics (my iPod Touch 2nd Gen and his iPhone 3G).  The decision to trade was made and we ventured home to gather our old electronics, reset them to factory settings, make sure they work, then head back and make the trade.  We ended up with a Nintendo 3DS and a new game (sonic generations, I think) and only paid about $50 out of pocket!  And we got rid of stuff taking up space we didn't use anymore!

Sunday was another low key day for me, but Mr S went to play volleyball.  After we went to eat at Yard House, took a lap around the mall, and then went home.  Knowing we needed to get groceries (fridge/freezer were looking might bare) we ventured out for that later and it paid off - not many people at the store and we were in and out in under an hour!  VICTORY!! 

Since I'm in office this week, I'm back on a fairly regular schedule.  I'm really trying my hardest to keep to the laundry/cleaning/cooking schedule I start a couple weeks ago.  Obviously, being gone most of last week, it wasn't hard to keep to it as there really wasn't much of one.  We'll see how it goes this week.  And working out and dieting/eating right - total fail last week!!  I seriously need to start planning my snacks better for when I'm out all day.  Here's hoping for a great week on exercise, healthy food choices, and all around greatness!


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