Friday, February 3, 2012

Resolutions update

Just wanted to give you an update on one of the resolutions from January.

I'm one credit card closer to paying off my debt!!!  I did my taxes last week and determined that my state and federal refunds would go strictly towards debt reduction.  Believe me, I would LOVE to use that money towards other things.  But I'd still be where I am when it's gone - making payments and not really feeling like I'm making progress.  So debt reduction it is!

I got my federal refund today.  It paid off all of one card and 75% of another.  When my state refund comes in, that second card will be paid off.  And, by the end of the month, a third card will have a quarter of the debt off it as well.  I am so excited!!!  I even made a little spreadsheet so I could track my expected payments and balances and such.  It's so nice to have a visual of what I'm doing.  And it keeps me motivated to do it.  And while I won't get everything paid off by the end of the year (I have a loan that has a pretty significant amount on it), I will get most of it paid off.  If everything goes right and there are no financial hiccups (hey, I can dream) along the way, my loan will be the only debt left at the end of the year and that will have been reduced to less than half left to pay off.

Now I'm sure some of you are wondering about the fact that I'm now married and all that.  Well, right now, we're keeping things separate to pay off our own stuff.  We plan to combine in a month or two and we'll still, both, be on track for pay off of some major debt this year.  I think all Mr. S will have left is his school loan at the end of the year as well.

And, to top it all off, we're also able to put into savings while we pay stuff off.  Which is another one of my favorite parts about all of this!!

Happy Friday folks!!

PS...tomorrow is the first trip of the year to Disneyland!  Just one more thing to add to my excitement for the day! 



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