Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So What Wednesday

Once again, I'm joining up with Shannon for:

So What If:

* I don't join in the weekly meetings on Wednesday.  I work from home, in California, and they're scheduled for 7 am my time (9 am for everyone else).  That is not a part of my normal work day.  And we have yet to talk about anything useful that would justify my getting up an hour earlier than necessary.

*  We now have another new electronic in the house (see post about 3DS).  Hubs is happy and that makes me happy!

*  I am not the gamer Hubs wishes I was!  He's always asking if there are any games I want.  Nope, sorry, not my thing!  But feel free to take me to Barnes & Nobles and ask if there are any books I want.  I'll rack up a bill in 3 minutes or less!!  (clarification:  I do play a few games on the Wii.  But I usually lose quickly if it's Mario or something of the like.  I'm just not the gamer girl I'd like to be...and I'm ok with that.)

* I'm somewhat slightly obsessed with Dance Moms.  Those women have an extra dose of crazy to put up with each other, and a side of insanity to allow their little girls to be at that studio from 3 pm to 10 pm.  I'm all for dedication to something, but let your kids be kids for crying out loud!! (and as I type this I realize that if my someday child wants to do something like this and that is the schedule I will totally allow it...if it's what they truly want to do)

*  in my 30+ years of living I have yet to master the art of folding a fitted sheet.  Now I know why most hotels don't use them...too hard to fold for proper storage!

*  I am, once again, slacking on exercise/working out.  At least I'm doing better on the eating "right" part.  I just have no motivation to get this body moving past snails pace.

*  I was a little put out that hubs made plans for us with friends we haven't hung out with since before the wedding (November) this weekend after I expressed a desire to go someplace on our "bucket list".  Now that I have him on weekends I really don't like the idea of sharing him...even if I'm there.

And there you have it folks!  Have a great Leap Day!  Hugs...

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