Friday, March 30, 2012

March Photo A Day - Catch Up

Traveling really makes it hard to find the time to do my usual weekly posts.  So if you're new to my page, you'll see me disappear every other week sometimes.  I do try to keep up when I'm on the road, but my work laptop is a POS when it comes to photos and such so I try not to freak it out.

Seems I owe you folk quite a few photo's from this month's Photo A Day hosted by fatmumslim.  She's starting up another one for April and has already posted the details on her site, so go check it out if you think you want to join.

Here are days 16 through 30...

 Day 16 - Sunglasses

Day 17 - green
Day 18 was skipped - supposed to be a corner of the home

Day 19 - funny (Big Bird was at WonderCon)

Day 20 - Before/After

Day 21 - Delicious

Day 22 - Kitchen Sink (hotel room style)

Day 23 - moon (since there wasn't one I did a picture of my plane's wing)

Day 24 - animal

Day 25 - Breakfast

Day 26 - keys

Day 27 - your name

Day 28 - Trash (I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of the trashcan so I did some good trash)

Day 29 - feet (shoe off for the drive home)

Day 30 - toy (new iPad from the hubs as an early b'day gift)

Tomorrow I'll post the last picture for the month.  I'm contemplating using my regular camera for April.  But I don't always have it with me (like when I travel).  And it's so much easier to use instagram to edit before posting.  I'll figure it out by Sunday!

Stay tuned!



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