Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying So What If:

* I am not a fan of the "distressed" look on furniture.  It looks worn out and in desperate need of refinishing!  Nope, this chic wants things that look new and cherished, not worn and torn.

* I started writing this last week in hopes of getting inspired by today and this is as far as I've gotten!  It'll come...eventually's the rest...

* I've gained back the 5 pounds I lost!  I know what my problem is (besides food in general) and I'm working on dealing with it!  (aka...exercise is the problem, or lack there of)

* My week of "travel" went down the crapper fast.  What is wrong with people not wanting to email me back?!  I'm don't require 100% of your attention all day!  I only want 15-20 minutes of one day this week.  Then you can kick me to the curb and I'll be on my way!  I'll even bring you cookies for your trouble and having to put up with me!

(Insert break for work - I'm writing this on Tuesday cause I'll be gone all day tomorrow)

* I have no plan for the next three days of work visits.  Even after taking another day in the office, I still only have one confirmed appointment...on Thursday.

* I started a new routine today knowing I wouldn't be able to do it the next three days!  I cancelled WW last month (that's $18 going down the drain) and will pick back up with MFP (free) for calorie counting.  But my biggest issues is exercise.  So I got up early today and did a half hour of Wii Zumba.  The plan is to do that every or every other morning.  Only I chose today to start (cause you got to start somewhere) despite the fact I won't be doing it the next three mornings.  D'oh!!

* I have no desire to cook dinner tonight.  But I feel bad for the hubs cause it'll be fast cooking the next three nights cause I will NOT feel like cooking at night after driving all over Orange County the next three days.  So the least I can do is give him his last meal for the week. 

* I should totally be on the road already to my first stop.  Had a speed bump at the house this morning (aka, hubs locked me out after returning from dropping me at the rental car place and I had no keys).  So now I'm speeding through breakfast and finish packing lunch...then I'm gone!  

And that's all I've got!  What are you saying "So What" to this week.  Come join the fun over at Life After I Dew.


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