Monday, March 12, 2012

Thursday's Through The Lense

This is, obviously, very late!  Last week (Wed - Fri) I was out and about in Orange County visiting with partners and students.  Thursday night I got home after 6 (thank you CA traffic) and was just way too exhausted to attempt anything beyond sitting on the couch in front of the TV...just ask the hubs, I didn't cook at all those three days!

As you know/remember, I'm doing the March Photo A Day challenge via FatMumSlim and putting my week of pictures here for this month (and next if I decide to do it again).  Last week was the first day so I gave you Day 1.  Here are days 2 through 8.  (and in a couple days I'll give you days 9-15).

Day 2:  Fruit

Day 3:  Your Neighborhood (at night)

Day 4:  Bedside

Day 5:  A Smile

Day 6:  5 PM

Day 7:  Something You Wore

Day 8:  Window (while driving in Buena Park)

And there you have them!  :)


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