Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday's Thru The Lense

I'm going to join a photo challenge this month!!

I loved seeing all (ok, some) of my friends follow and participate in the February Photo A Day challenge done by Chantelle over at fat mum slim, so I thought I'd join in this month.  Basically, each day has a different prompt and you can interpret it into your pictures how ever you want to.  Here's the guide for March:

(here's the link to the March "plan").

What I will plan to do, and we'll see how this really works out, is post my 7 days of photos each week here.  I'll also be posting the pics daily on Twitter via Instagram (@ringsgal for both if you care to follow along).

Here is today's:

The prompt was "up".  I chose to take it literally and took a picture of today's sky...because it is a BEAUTIFUL day here in SoCal!

Next week I'll have tomorrow through Thursday on it, so stay tuned!


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