Monday, June 25, 2012

Nail Files - Week 25

This is obviously a catch up post as it's a few days later than the actual day.  But I'm working on something for this Friday's Nail Files and needed to get this "out of the way".

I got a new Julep box a few weeks ago:

Great summer colors, right?! I know...I felt the same way. And I love the addition of the Pixie Stix (sp?) candy!!

So I went all summer-y on my nails:

Meet Julep color Rose. I swear to you, the picture doesn't do her justice! She looks more read, but she's really quite a dark coral/pink-ish. A FANTASTIC summer color. So with the exception of last week's work sponsored road trip, I've been rocking Rose on my nails and toes (HA...a rhyme!!).

Next week I'm going to show the colors from past Julep boxes that I haven't worn yet. And then whatever I decide on to finish off this week with.



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