Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So What Wednesday

It's that time of the week again!!

So What If:

* this is the only post I did last week.  And it's looking to be the only post this week at the rate I'm going.

* I am just now getting around to buying some wedding pictures from our photographer. I have the rights to them, I can go anywhere for them. But I kind of feel obligated to buy some stuff from him since he gave us such a stellar deal on the photography itself. And his prices are pretty reasonable, compared to others!

* I officially started the 30 day/300 ab challenge Monday (also hosted by Shannon), but I've only done about half the work out over the past two days. They weren't kidding...the first few days are killer on the abs!! I'm taking it slow to work my EXTREMELY out of shape body into it...doing about 3 or 4 of the exercises a day. My goal is to start doing all 11 next week. Hopefully by then my abs will have "adjusted" to the trauma stretching/moving/crunching.

* aside from the ab work outs, I'm doing nothing to promote weight loss! But I do have a reason behind that:  Dr appointment tomorrow to find out why my thyroid levels are freaking out on me lately. Once that's taken care of, back to the treadmill!

Well, that's all I've got for today. Seriously, I thought there was more, but my brain just isn't working properly yet this morning.




  1. oh it's 11 exercises on the 30 day abs... feels like 1000! I've been doing them about a week and it just feels like freaking death every day. i hate it, but am so jealous of the other girls results I had to join!

    SWW is the most fun post to write all week, don't worry if this is your only one :)

    1. It does feel like 1000!! If I counted correctly, there are 11 types of exercises and there are about 25 reps to each with the exception of the Kayak one. It does feel like death...but if I get the same results, it will be so very worth it!

  2. dude...i hear you on ab work. I'm a personal trainer and my abs are THE most painful area after a good workout!!! But it's SO beneficial! I'm rooting for you!