Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So What Wednesday

And this is my official attempt to get back on track with all aspects of blogging!

Once again, I'm joining with Shannon for:

This week, I'm say "So What If..."

* I fell of the 30 day/300 Ab challenge last week. I kind of figured I would because I knew there would be A LOT of driving around southern Idaho and I would just not be in the mood to crunch. But I'm back on it this week, much to the dismay of my abs.

* I overspent this week's check. I have been putting off getting a new bra for quite some time now and, well, it was just time. So I got two...and some new V/S fragrance stuff that's going the way of the dino.

* I am slowly putting my house back in order. Seriously, I have no idea how it got so chaotic. I mean, there's only two of us living here. There are no munchkins and no furry fiends. And yet certain areas are disaster areas!! It WILL be neat and orderly this weekend!

* Mr S is more tan than me. For a man who "can't tan" he sure is doing a good job of it. Don't mind my pasty white self, I'll just go blend in with the wall.

* I'm severely tempted to pull the final $230 from my revolving loan to pay off a credit card. Either way I'll still owe that money. It just means one card is paid off a month early and I can focus on the next one with my first paycheck in July. It's so tempting!!!!

* I told Mr S that if we are in this apartment for another year, I'm buy some furniture. Thankfully, he agreed, even though we both don't really want to have to haul more stuff down stairs when we do move. We are running out of shelving space and I am especially tired of not having room for stuff in the kitchen, that we keep acquiring thanks to my mom's continual purchase of things we didn't get off our wedding registry.

* I also informed Mr S that when we do move into a house we have purchased, I will be investing in a moving company! I am not doing multiple runs up those 19 stairs if I don't have to!

Well, that's all I'm saying So What to, for now. I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Happy Wednesday!



  1. I think that's what they call robbing Peter to pay Paul :)

    I highly suggest (if at all possible) saving enough money to hire movers, painters, carpenters etc. It's a LOT of work doing it yourself. Totally stresses me out. But maybe that's just me.

    1. I don't mind the painting...and I do want to have a little "hands on" in the changes to the new house (when that time comes). But I'm so over carrying boxes up and down stairs, moving furniture, and all that other stuff. I completely agree with you - any major changes (carpets, cabinets, counters, etc.) will be done by professionals...or someone who knows what they're doing, at least! :)