Friday, March 29, 2013

He would have been 33...

Today my family-in-law remembers the one we lost last year.

Christopher Marc Ring. 3/29/1980 - 7/16/2012
I took this at the LA Auto Show in November of 2011.

I don't know what today will hold. Mr S and I are both off. We're taking LB and LS to lunch. Then Mr S and LB are going to a "boys" movie, possibly with DiL. And LS and I are either going to a different movie (more appropriate for a 9 y/o) or to Painted Earth (paint your own pottery).

Then we're all having dinner at the in-laws house. One of Chris's favorites:  Rolled Tacos. It's a family recipe that EVERYONE in the family LOVES. There are stories of uncles hoarding/hiding them in rooms when they were younger just to be sure they got some the next day...IF there were any leftover to begin with. Chris and Mr S used to compete to see who ate the most. I'm talking a dozen each, or more. And let's not forget that LB was catching up with the numbers he'd eat. And then there's DiL, who the boys get their hollow right leg and insatiable appetite, from. He'd eat just as many. And then there's me, LS, and SMiL. While we don't reach the double digits, we still eat our fair share. And that's just when it was seven of us. Heaven forbid you make these for a family function. You'd be cooking all day and STILL NOT HAVE ENOUGH. This stuff is CRACK for my in-law family!

Today will be a day of memories. Chris was great with kids. He worked at one of our local Boys and Girls Clubs. And he loved his LB and LS...and his big Bro, Mr S. He and Mr S were close. And I'm sure there will be sad moments. We finally have the funds for his grave stone. I think that will be a rough decision that will be made today.  

(If you're not already aware, dying isn't cheap. Do your family a favor and have this stuff planned and paid for, if you can.)

It's been a bit of an emotional 8 months. The first year is almost over. I don't know if it will get better the second year or not. We've all had our moments and our issues this year. We've all had our ways of dealing with them.

Chris is the reason for this week's nail colors:  Red and Gold for his favorite team - Kansas City Chiefs.

So, when you read this, I ask that you just say a quick prayer or send loving thoughts our way (whatever is your preferred method).  It's greatly appreciated.

FYI - abbreviations, for those wanting to know:  LB - Little Brother; LS - Little Sister; DiL - Dad in Law; SMil - Stepmom in Law.

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